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  Mason Broder vs. Kayden Keller*

Mason Broder: 5'9, 170 lbs

Switching colors, Kayden grapples with studly Mason on the mats in guard position

Schoolboying Kayden, Mason flexes his pecs to withstand Keller's seductive onslaught

Kayden masterfully blurs the line between eroticism and humiliation with a foot smother

Kayden's lustful wiles prove too much for Mason as he melts under his clutches

Mason's ribcage caves under the brutal crush of Kayden's quads in a groping bodyscissors

MMA to Mmm-Yeah!

Not one to buy simply one pair of gear, Kayden in his gi fantasy changes his colors to a white gi, and his venue from ring vs Seon to the matroom - but not his attitude with the ultimate in challenges: a mat battle in full jiu jitsu style! NOT 'no-gi' MMA - at least until things heat up in this intimate, enclosed space of a private matroom. Next all bets are off - along with the gis!

Mason Broder, Kayden's dream challenger for this serious submission pain-fest, packs plenty of beefy muscle into his fight physique, so this match is not as unbalanced as Kayden's ring outing vs Seon. The first part of his fantasy was in the ring, but now he's facing a serious MMA grappler with mostly mat action. But we know how Kayden's mat matches often end, and this is no exception!

Mason is a master of many wrestling styles as well, his ring skills and attitude showing him to be a budding heel in his BG East outings as he took on Drew Harper in Hunkbash 26, or Gabe Steele in Provocative Pins 1: Crotch Pins. Broder is clearly letting BG East's freedom of expression and fan appreciation loosen him up, and in this match he moves from the sexy to the downright erotic as Kayden's fight-back provides the perfect arousing foil for this serious and arrogant Spaniard.

The action starts with both men stretching in their hot gis. Now it's Kayden wearing white... and the gear even includes ankle bands in their black/white colors. Silently they begin to grapple hard, mounting each other in serious, intense MMA holds. After one fall their gi tops are off as they sweat and muscle their way into more and more painful predicaments.

For fans of MMA, this is authentic: heavy breathing as these two men play body chess, fighting from the guard position, using controlling body scissors, eking out submissions from elbow joint locks, figure four scissors, and choking combinations. In these moves, the alternative is broken bones, going out cold, or submitting to your opponent. Mason proves himself an able fighter. Watching Kayden use his weight to mount Mason, crushing him to the mat in chokes, is a new pleasure fans might savor. Inevitably this tight body contact and sweat, and the testosterone fueled posing as each man savors the submissions he's forced, leads to a little mutual muscle admiration. They pause to feel each other, but then the action continues - and heats up!

Belt chokes and aggression cedes to mutual respect, and finally nipple play, and a victory kiss after one particularly painful submission. Stripping out of their hot gis down to their underwear, the action starts to resemble many a sexy Kayden match, but this time it's Mason Broder who is sucked into his erotic vortex. This talented Spanish muscleman is becoming putty in the hands of BG East's erotic heel! His nipples get special attention and response. Alternating between punishing holds showing off their sweaty physiques, and humiliating bare feet on panting, exhausted faces, this match escalates into erotic territory with a combination of wrestling aggression and sensual enjoyment that showcases the best of both men, and a first for Mason Broder!

Forced by the more brutal fighter to grab his uncut piece, the last ounce of resistance is squeezed from him in a dragon sleeper variation. Kayden finishes him off with a similar spray of sweat and much more. For those who fantasize, like Kayden, of how an MMA match could end after all that hot, sweaty and painful action, this match tops a 'best of' for varieties of action, from gear to locale to types of sensual manly fighting.

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Mason Broder vs. Kayden Keller*
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Mason climbs on top and drives his forearm into the throat of BGEast's top-reigning heel

Locking down with an inverted headlock, Kayden strokes his opponent's bulge with his foot

Kayden's powerful thighs clamp down tight in a bodyscissors as he throttles Mason

A choking side-collar hold wears Mason down as powerful thighs crush his midsection

Mason works from the bottom position to wrest control and keep his opponent at bay with a scissors

Kayden's powerful quads clamp tight as his opponent presses his advantage with a liplock

Kayden Keller: 6'1, 180 lbs

Mason may have just what it takes to tame the beast with a seriously sexy double bicep flex

Kayden struggles against both gravity and his opponent with a vicious neck crank

Kayden tries to use brute strength to overcome Mason as he forces his arms to the mats

Mason takes his chances, trying to subdue the heel by working his nipples over

Kayden goes for strength and Mason goes for lust with a bearhugging butt grabbing stalemate

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