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  Jason Aleqsander vs. Kirk Donahue

Jason Aleqsander: 5'10, 150 lbs

The new guy challenges Kirk to a fair fight, which Kirk promises with a healthy dose of deceit

The angelic prettyboy is brought to his knees with Kirk's knee in his back with a vicious neckbender

Kirk lets Jason's cries of agony wash over him as he works him over with a backbending boston

Kneeling, pleading for mercy, Jason gets dragged up by Kirk for more torture from the heel

Jason aims to turn this around on the dastardly Donahue, throwing him to the mat with a headscissors

Not Even a Chance?

Jason Aleqsander stretches in the BG East gazebo. He has a taut swimmer's build and a lean, hungry face. This is his third go at BG East, having already taken on Sean Cruz and Kayden Keller, neither one a powder puff. Already, Jason has a reputation for being a "bitch to fight." Facing him is Kirk Donahue, once a hero, now nasty to the core. Who knows what turns a decent man into a villain? We don't have the answer, but we like it when it happens, and it has happened in a big, big way for Kirk.

"Nobody better to wrestle than THE Kirk Donahue," Kirk boasts while sizing up the competition. The two men are ready to rumble. Jason dodges a lockup twice, leaving Kirk to hug thin air twice. Kirk grumbles about Jason's "tricks." "I'm not here for any tricks," he says sourly. "I'm here to wrestle." On his third try, Kirk aims low and Jason leaps over his head. Kirk sputters, at a loss for words. Jason leaps again, this time locking his thighs on Kirk's ears and flipping him to the mat. His back to the gazebo balusters, Kirk holds his hands out, urging Jason to step back. Jason moves in, and Kirk butts his head against Aleqsander's chin. Jason falls back, and Kirk commences to stomp on his upper body, abs, waist, and back, as Jason feebly attempts to roll away.

"Think you made a mistake yet?" Kirk sneers, squeezing the newcomer into a double armlock, then driving his knee against the spine. Kirk cranks up the pressure from a variety of positions. Jason's facial contortions express absolute agony. Kirk feels cocky, taunting Jason: "Ready to submit to me yet?" "Not even a chance!" Jason replies determinedly. Kirk grabs a fistful of Jason's curly hair and snaps on a figure-four headlock. "Not even a chance?" Kirk taunts, confident he can squeeze a quick submission out of the new hire. He tightens his grip to squeeze out all of Jason's energy. Failing to get the submission he wants, Kirk rolls over and bangs Jason's forehead to the mat.

Jason admits that he underestimated Kirk's strength, swelling Kirk's ego miles in all directions. They agree to a fair fight, but Kirk holds his left hand behind him, fingers crossed. Immediately, he kicks Jason in the abs. Jason crumples and Kirk is over him, knees against Jason's ears, fists clenched, slamming into Jason's back. Almost breathless, Jason says, "Playing dirty now, huh?" Kirk begs to differ. "Nice, clean, old-fashioned wrestling move." Kirk switches to a full nelson. He turns Jason to the camera. We see Jason's battered and writhing torso, a spectacular sight for fans of handsome male bodies in agony. Kirk thrusts his right arm downward to apply a claw hold to Jason's well-formed abs. The hot moves give emphasis to Aleqsander's flesh and muscles from multiple angles. Jason refuses to tap out, further infuriating Kirk. Donahue stomps on Jason's lower back and then puts one foot on the back of the head and grinds Jason's face into the mat. He basks in Jason's agony.

As we near the match's midpoint, Jason escapes Kirk's grip, clamps his legs on both sides of Kirk's head, and flips the heel over the top rail and onto the hard ground below. Jason goes after Kirk outside the gazebo. He bashes the bad guy face-first into a tree trunk and forces him back onto the mat. The tide has turned, but will it turn back? The question is answered quickly as Kirk turns on Jason in the gazebo, determined to destroy the newbie utterly. Kirk resolves to finish the job in the most painful ways possible, smashing balls and delivering a full minute-long sleeper hold. The match shows fans the depth of Kirk Donahue's villainy, while further establishing Jason Aleqsander as a man to watch at BG East.

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Jason Aleqsander vs. Kirk Donahue
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Jason refuses to go down without a fight, battling to free himself from Kirk's full nelson

Aleqsander gets dragged, sagging to the mat with Kirk controls from below with a scissoring sleeper

Aleqsander arches, bent back, tasting the heel's sweaty pit with an inverted headlock

Kirk outmuscles his smaller opponent, wrapping him up in a neck-crunching half nelson

Jason's lean muscled core gets bent and stretched across Kirk's broad shoulders in a fireman's carry

Jason gets dragged up by his shaggy blond locks as Kirk threatens more punishment

Kirk Donahue: 5'10, 170 lbs

Kirk revels in his dominance, reclining and relaxing with his abs on show in a crunching headscissor

Jason finds his world turned upside down as Kirk hoists him inverted across his broad back

The fight fades from Jason's body, sinking to his knees feebly in a tight, constricting sleeperhold

Jason has Kirk keeling over in the gazebo as he puts his boots to the back of his legs

Stretching Jason's smooth leg out, kirk rains down a big boot to his defenseless bod

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