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  Freddy Campbell vs. Brendan Byers*

Freddy Campbell: 5'11, 185 lbs

As if an over-the-knee backbreaker wasn't enough, Brendan lays a slapdown on his jobber's balls

Gagged with his own trunks, a lifeless, wedgied Freddy gets carried away

Though he's in a world of hurt, Freddy takes a moment to admire the finer things in life

Brendan almost salivates over Freddy's bountiful booty as he carries him to a more private location

Brutal Brenden Byers puts an exclamation point on this match with a crotch-to-face nude piledriver

Big Tough Wrestler 101

Brendan Byers steps onto the mat, muttering, "I got paid to meet this 'Freddy Campbell' in the gazebo." Freddy cheerily identifies himself as the "Freddy Campbell" in question and extends his hand in a welcoming manner. Brendan takes the hand and chuckles, as if to say, "Is this some kind of joke?" Freddy explains that he's here to take some lessons from Brendan: "The Boss says you're like this big tough heel, and I've kinda been dropped out in few too many matches for me to really like FEEL that I'm a big tough wrestler and I figured who better to learn than BBB, Brutal Brendan Byers." Brendan's wry expression suggests that he suspects that the Boss is up to his old pranks. His eyes size up Freddy the way a tiger shark circles in on a sea turtle. "The best way to teach you how to heel is to show you ...." And without warning, Brendan slams his muscular caveman club of an arm down on Freddy.

So, Lesson #1: Fuck the formalities. Brendan repeatedly slams his forearm to Freddy's back, flattening the newbie face down on the mat. Then, he drops his right knee to the small of Freddy's back. Nose to the mat, Freddy makes a muffled thus untranslatable groan. He sounds like he's underwater, drowning. Brendan braces one knee on the back of Freddy's neck and reaches between Freddy's thighs to grab his cock and balls, lifting the pupil's middle section clear off the mat. "This is gonna be a good ... hard ... lesson"; Brendan growls the words.

Lesson #2: Target the weak spots. Freddy's moans sound like he's sobbing, and who can blame him? The biggest meanest BGE heel is ripping off his nuts. Again, Brendan drives his knee into the small of Freddy's back twice. Then he repositions, planting his crotch at an angle on top of Freddy's well-formed glutes. This is just two slim layers of latex away from sodomy. Brendan's teeth clamp down on Campbell's left ear as his crotch heaves against Freddy's quivering ass. Freddy's face is simultaneously distressed and blindly ecstatic.

Lesson #3: Make your opponent your bitch. Brendan follows with a camel clutch as Freddy moans in panic. Brendan grunts as he snaps the head back and rubs the crotch of his black trunks against Freddy's spine. He then slams nine forearm smashes against Campbell's elevated chest. A series of other poundings and joint twisting follows all over Freddy's prone body. Freddy doesn't resist. Indeed, he cannot resist. He can only whimper as Brendan pulls Freddy's left leg up in a crab hold, his wrestling shoe vanishing into Byers' armpit. Brendan rapidly pats his fingers against his tutee's balls.

Lesson #4: Breathe audibly. Brendan's whispery exhalations are sexy as fuck, his nostrils flared, his chest heaving. He switches position and holds Freddy's face to his crotch, smothering him with the sweat clinging to his black trunks. Freddy's groans evoke both panic and arousal. Brendan rolls to his knees as his crotch buries Freddy's face. It's hard to tell who's breathing more heavily, Brendan or Freddy.

Lesson #5: Invite your victim to worship your body. When Freddy reaches up to feel his oppressor's left pec, Brendan allows him to touch it. He even puts his hand on top of Freddy's hand to hold it in place. He encourages Freddy to squeeze the muscle. When Freddy does so, Brendan says, "Good boy." The sensation inspires Brendan to tighten his thighs against Campbell's face, which he then proceeds to sit on. Repeat Lessons #1-#5 before moving on.

Lesson #6: Piss your victim off. Brendan taunts Freddy, saying, "I don't see a heel. I see a jobber." Fighting words, especially when paired with a taunt like "Do you even lift?" Brendan lets Freddy hold him crosswise, even allows him to bang his back against the gazebo posts. But when Freddy attempts to leap off the top rail, Brendan catches him in midflight, seemingly without effort, and then slams Campbell's spine to his extended knee. Repeat Lessons #1-#5 again.

Lesson #7: Strip him. A third of the way through the fight, Brendan pulls off Freddy's purple trunks to reveal orange-red trunks underneath. He then throws the kid over his shoulder and carries him to the BGE ring room for spankings and rope work. Freddy's cock gets hard as a cudgel. After a sexy bear hug, Brendan frees the stiffy of the orange-red trunks, too.

Lesson #8: Allow your victim a proper hope spot. Let him play the top for a while. Let him give you a beating. Let him stick his cock on your face. Then give him ten minutes of pure hell before pinning his unconscious body for a three count. If there's time, treat him to a piledriver, too.

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Freddy Campbell vs. Brendan Byers*
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Grinding his ass into a delirious Freddy's face, Brenden sinks a claw into his throbbing bulge

Brendan flexes a big bulging bicep as he drags his victim's face up into his thick bulge

Taking a sampling of the goods, digging deep in Freddy's trunks with a reverse schoolboy

With his ass swallowing his trunks, Freddy gets draped over the ropes for a paddling

Freddy's resistance begins to fade away in the face of the brutal heel's erotic onslaught

Bent back over Brenden's knee, Freddy's eager package gets tortured with the paddle

Brendan Byers: 6'2, 210 lbs

Folded up with Brendan's butt on his face, Freddy whimpers and moans from the spanking

Brendan's bulge grinds into the prettyboy jobber's spine in a backbreaking camel clutch

With his sweaty gear stuffed in his mouth, Freddy gets dropped to his knees before his brutalizer

Brendan works a crushing sleeperhold that has his victim's eyes rolling back in his head

Freddy is barely clinging on at this point, dragged to his feet with a near-atomic wedgie

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