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  Kayden Keller vs. Anton Alvarez

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Anton is here to fight! Forcing Kayden to his knees, Anton dominates a test of strength!

Armbarred and legs trapped, Anton is bent and stretched in a backbreaking submission hold

Anton looks finished, Kayden looks far from it as he drags the jobber up for more punishment

So is the fate of all who step against the top-reigning heel, Kayden poses over a snoozing wimp

Kayden Keller looks to leave yet another broken jobber in his fearful wake

I hear you've got something to prove

Adorable Anton Alvarez is as earnest as they come. The combination of his little boy face and his super solid, big and beefy body give him the look of a classic babyface wrestler. He's not above paying his dues. Anton considers it a badge of honor that the Boss keeps pairing him up with the most notoriously brutal heels in the business, as the rookie throws his hat in the ring to become BG East's next breakout star. He's scouted his competition, and he knows full well Kayden Keller's well-earned reputation as a badass, and his unmatched streak of victories as the fan-favorite Heel of the Year. Professional wrestling isn't for the faint of heart, and Anton's got the heart of a lion, as he climbs into the ring to square off against this legendary heel.

"I hear you've got something to prove," Kayden sneers at him, giving the new kid a once over. Kayden towers over half a foot taller than the muscle-packed rookie, which somehow makes Anton look even more adorably vulnerable. "I've got some strength in me," Anton states the obvious in reply, flexing his biceps and allowing the hungry heel to get a feel of his powerful arms. "Oh, this is going to be fun," Kayden purrs salaciously. Eternally optimistic, Anton brightly chirps back, "I'm sure it is!"

However, this may not have exactly been the sort of fun that Anton had in mind. It's true, the plucky rookie puts big Kayden on his knees in a shocking test of strength. "Yeah, you've got some muscle," the wincing heel is forced to admit, watching the wave of excitement and pride wash over Anton's handsome face. "But not enough," Kayden declares, breaking the test of strength with a boot, and immediately rocking the rookie with a bull dog and an over-the-knee backbreaker that leaves Anton unable to keep track of which end is up. Kayden cooks up a masterclass, with a recipe of high impact moves sprinkled liberally over long, slow, torturous holds to grind the relentlessly perky kid to a pulp.

Anton catches glimpses of wrestling glory that may, one day, be in his future. He crushes the air out of Kayden's lungs in a bearhug and shakes the big man like a ragdoll, in a bid to score what would be the biggest upset in recent history. But Kayden is a master of his craft, punching his way to freedom before settling in to dole out sweet, sweet revenge. "You wanna break someone? I'll show you how to break someone!" The heel slaps the pretty right off Anton's face. He pounds the adorable mug into a turnbuckle and then stomps him two dimensional into the mat. "I got a part of me that's pretty freaking muscular too," Kayden points out, snapping his tree trunk thighs around Anton's head and crushing his skull as the rookie pleads for mercy.

Adorable Anton's lionhearted courage comes crumbling around him, as he's deluged by brutally punishing submission holds raining down. Whatever he had intended to prove, he's left groveling and begging for his harsh lesson to come to a close. "I think you've shown everyone what you can do, as little as that is," Kayden announces with a smirk, near the bitter end for Anton. "You've got nice assets, I think you'll go far here," he says, driving home what he thinks are Anton's best assets by slapping the rookie's ass. This is a sensational veteran heel bully session on a delightfully untested babyface rookie, for fans of brand new classics!

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Kayden Keller vs. Anton Alvarez
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Kayden growls and lifts Anton in a rib-crushing bearhug with the jobber sagging over his shoulder

It doesn't look like Anton has much fight left in him, leglocked and prostrated under the flexing he

Kayden specializes in breaking jobbers, and Anton is no exception in a backbending boston

Is the jobber going to end the heel's reign? Kayden kicks out of a pin attempt by wily opponent

Kayden glories in destruction as he breaks his victim across his broad shoulders in a torture rack

Making a valiant effort, Anton thrashes and pulls at Kayden's legs to battle free of the headscissor

Anton Alvarez: 5'8, 170 lbs

Calm, cool, and collected Kayden bends the jobber in a headscissored bow-and-arrow variation

Anton's thick biceps don't look so impressive now as he's forced to flex in defeat in a rear choke

Kayden doesn't miss an opportunity to flex his might, muscles swelling with a boston variation

Anton's feud with the heel proves ill-fated as he's inverted with double underhook piledriver

Anton Alvarez has the looks and the muscle but does he have what it takes to upset the heel?!

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