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  Jack Norwood vs. Ronin Takao

Jack Norwood: 5'7, 150 lbs

Ronin lets out a cry of agony as his back is bent to near-breaking in a camel clutch

Jack looks ready to tap out with the rook's boot grinding his face in the mat with a boston variatio

Jack gets the newbie right where he wants him, sagging and fading in his sleeperhold

Seizing control of his opponent's legs, Ronin bends his back around the ropes with a boston crab

Will Jack find himself the victim of a sophomore slump or prove the haters wrong?

Just Who's the Jobber Around Here?

Jack Norwood is on a jobber hunt. After an impressive first match a couple of months ago, he's looking for fresh meat to sink his teeth into. He's fit and strong, and he's still riding a high from his scorching hot debut match, coming from out of nowhere to school a more seasoned opponent. Jack savors the feel of control, of applying his hard earned, compact muscles and underground wrestling experience to take big, cocky opponent's completely off guard. He's been wanting to bully a jobber long and hard, and he's found just the newbie who may be able to scratch that itch.

Ronin Takao is visibly nervous when he arrives a couple of minutes late for his very first match. He's taller than Jack, but not as rock hard and rigorously muscled as his smaller opponent. The wooden way the rookie climbs into the ring makes Jack literally laugh like a comic book villain. "It's about time you showed up," Jack growls condescendingly, instantly putting the newbie on defense as he circles the ring.

The self-anointed master of surprise, Jack is bitterly beaten to the punch when Ronin breaks their first collar and elbow hold with a breathtaking knee to the smaller hunk's armored gut. The villainous smirk on Jack's handsome face gives way to fury, as he comes out swinging fists to set this ship back on course. Unfortunately for Captain Jack, his eerily quiet opponent matches him blow for blow, exploiting his size advantage to back the rock hard lightweight into a corner and make his hot pecs burn bright red with a barrage of nasty chops. From absolutely out of nowhere, Ronin scoops him up, pounds him viciously down into an over-the-knee backbreaker, and goes for a lightning quick pin attempt within the first two minutes of this match!

In this jobber hunt, it takes a bit to sort out just who's the predator and who's the prey. Ronin may have flipped the script on him as the underestimated rookie, but Jack digs deep and claws hard at the newbie's balls to grab hold of the momentum in this match. With the wind out of his sails, Ronin is treated to a barrage of brutal holds designed to melt him right down to Jack's size. The newbie is pounded corner to corner, leaving him sagging in the ropes and wide open for his deviously ambitious opponent to take advantage of him. Slammed to the mat repeatedly, Ronin can only grab hold and hang on when he finds Jack's muscled ass planted across his face, pinning him to his back.

The shifting momentum gives way, as one stunned stud reveals himself as the true jobber of this melodrama. A Boston crab, giving way to a single leg crab with a ball claw chaser, sucks the momentum right out of one stunned hunk. Face-to-crotch headscissors wears him down, as the rising heel delights in picking his opponent apart and taking possession of his helpless body. Trapped in the ropes, hung out to dry in a tree of woe, one stubborn young wrestler sees his dreams of wrestling glory evaporate before his eyes. Knocked out cold and kicked unceremoniously out of the ring, he's in no position to defend himself from the humiliation of being the jobber on this day, in this ring, with this surprising opponent roaring to life. Jobbers aren't born. They're made by shockingly brutal and surprising defeats like this one!

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Jack Norwood vs. Ronin Takao
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Jack looks to put the debuting stud in his place...under his ass and down in defeat

Grinding his knees into his back, the newbie stretches his foe out in a handgagging bow and arrow

Jack finds himself dancing with his own defeat as his bulge is crushed and clawed

Seated and trapped, Jack gets grounded and armbarred by Ronin's powerful leg nelson

Jack gets absolutely eaten alive by the rookie, trapped and gutbashed in a tree of woe

Ronin rolls Jack on his shoulders and splits him brutally in a crotch-ripping spladle hold

Ronin Takao: 5'8, 160 lbs

Copping a feel of his broken victim, Ronin enjoys his control with an over the knee backbreaker

Jack will not let victory (or Ronin!) escape him so easily, as he works a chin-crunching full nelson

Ronin uses the ropes and works the crotch like a seasoned heel with his single leg boston

Ronin looks to bring this jobberpaloozer bout to a close with an exclamation point of a piledriver

The new cutie Ronin looks to make a splash in his BG debut with a win in a Jobberpaloozer battle!

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