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  Zach Ramos vs. Lobo Gris

Zach Ramos: 6', 200 lbs

Zach is on his own time now, flashing those pearly whites and digging deep with a double pec claw

Zach works a wicked, twisting abstretcher on Lobo, bending his back and clawing his balls

Hanging like a tattered sail, a rope bound Lobo submits to his gorgeous opponent's lusty liplock

Lobo works his opponent over from below with a vicious humping, ball-twisting half nelson

Zach tries to flex his big biceps in a desperate bid to free himself from a suspended full nelson

The Only Way to Make You Submit

Zach Ramos is pumped and primed to grab the brass ring. He's absolutely convinced of his destiny to become not just an unstoppable wrestling star, but a homoerotic wrestling superstar. He's crafted his beefy body into a devastatingly powerful engine of grappling domination. Zach chose to show up at BG East only after having honed his skills and ring savvy in underground wrestling circles. He fine tuned his look, from his pumped pecs to his mass of wildman curls to his seductively sinister wisp of a goatee. He's certain that nothing can stop him from crushing anyone who dares to set foot in the ring with him... except, maybe, the traffic. And forgetting to set his alarm clock.

His opponent, Lobo Gris, is a consummate professional, which is why he's seriously pissed to be left waiting in the ring for nearly half an hour. He's never heard of Zach, but he's seen it all too often before. Young rookies with big wrestling dreams but no discipline can't be bothered to respect the ring or their opponent. Lobo's beautifully built body is warmed up and stretched out, poised for action, and irritated as hell to be kept waiting.

"Sorry dude," Zach mutters when he finally strolls into the ring room. "Traffic and stuff," he mutters half-heartedly, barely caring to make an excuse for himself. The upperclassman in the ring scolds Zach for his tardiness, but it bounces off of the beautiful rookie as he climbs into the ring. "Yeah, yeah, I'm here now. Let's get this over with, so I can beat your ass quickly!"

There's heat between them from the start, and the action instantly feels like a grudge match. Despite Zach's advantages in height and weight, the seasoned veteran quickly outhustles him. Zach still looks like he's waking up around the time he's being force fed Lobo's hard, hairy pec in a side headlock. He sounds stunned, asking for a reset, just when the veteran is pounding him in a face-plant suplex. "Where's all that strength and cockiness," Lobo asks with a smirk, before dragging his opponent up by his shaggy head of hair and shaking him like a ragdoll in a suspended full nelson.

What Zach lacks in discipline and experience, he makes up for with sheer audacity and raw power. Once he's finally fully awake and staring up at the dangerous opponent running roughshod over him, the rookie kicks it into second gear and seriously starts fighting back. His sucker punch knocks the wind out Lobo's sails, and the massive rookie pummels the veteran like a battering ram, pounding himself down on top of him over and over again. "This is what you came for, right," Zach says with a sneer, punching Lobo's pristinely pretty face and flexing overtop of him. "You like being underneath me!"

The stakes slowly morph into something hotter and sexier than just settling a grudge. Both fierce competitors steal indulgent kisses and grind into each other's beautiful bodies excitedly. There's just as much punishment as before, but it's seductively laced with erotic pleasure that their bodies cannot hide. Experience, skill, and tenacity slowly give way to their raw desire to possess each other. And plenty of fans will be as shocked. as much as the loser is, to see which beautiful hunk is stroked hard, clawed into submission, and marched out of the ring to scrub down the victor in the locker room!

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Lobo gets prostrated, flattened under the knee of the disrespectful (still hot!) flexing BG rookie

Lifeless Lobo dangles across the newbie's shoulders in a fireman's carry, the wind taken from his sails

Pumped pecs on display, arms bound behind him, Zach is helpless to defend against a ball claw

With Zach draped lifelessly over his shoulder, a malicious Lobo takes out some frustration on that ass!

Lobo teaches Zach a very valuable lesson about wasting people's time with a bow-and-arrow variation

It doesn't get much more humiliating than getting disciplined with a spanking by the offender!

Lobo Gris: 5'10, 186 lbs

Prettyboy Zach gets a taste of the smaller vet's pit as his thickly muscled bod gets fondled

Lobo's hot little trunks look about ready to come off his body as he gets a piledriver into the mat

Lobo flexes his thickly muscled biceps victoriously over Zach with his boot grinding into his bulge

Stunning good looks are the worst defense in a BG ring, Lobo bends Zach Ramos back over his knee

118 If Zach nails this piledriver on his smaller foe, it may be curtains for the devilishly handsome Lobo

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