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  Mickey Knoxx vs. Forrest Taylor

Mickey Knoxx: 5'8, 160 lbs

Mickey looks at home on top of Forrest, his crotch thrust into his face with a cocky bicep flex

Mickey rides the ginger's face and smothers him with his bulge as he coaxes Forrest's to life

Forrest drops his ass on his foe's face, rolling him up and stripping him of his undagear

Mickey thrashes and flails, getting increasingly tangled as Forrest launches a foot tickling attack

Ginger SNAP! Forrests back bends to near breaking as he 's smothered with sweat-soaked gear

Tickle Torture!

New hire Mickey Knoxx is giving Forrest Taylor a backrub in the BG East mat room. Sensing sensitivity, Mickey can't stop himself from tickling Taylor's waist, and that's how the whole mess starts. After a few seconds of shoving and grabbing, Forrest muscles the guilty party flat on his back. He scoots his butt up to sit on Knoxx's chest, and with one hand pinning Mickey's wrists to the mat over his head, Forrest reaches back with his free hand to tickle Mickey's waist, and now the fight really takes off. Mickey's legs thrash back and forth, but Forrest holds his place riding the first-timer's chest.

Forrest repositions, his legs circling Mickey's waist, and his right arm circling the neck. Then, both men roll onto their hands and knees and start wrestling. Mickey gets a firm lock on Forrest's head and rolls him into the far wall. Mickey plays rough with Taylor, squeezing his head between his thighs and tumbling across the mat. He takes advantage of his firm grip by pounding Taylor's face to the mat a few times. Then, Taylor reverses, legs clamped onto Knoxx's ears, holding the challenger facedown on the mat, and spanking him. He tumbles, throwing Mickey over with him and squeezes the guy's head between his thighs.

Soon both are on their knees in a shoving match. Time for Forrest to grab his challenger around the waist and roughly slap him to the mat. On their knees, the two butt chests, and Mickey gets a claw hold on Forrest's balls. He yanks Taylor's trunks up his crack. Taylor looks and sounds at a loss. He whimpers, and Knoxx strips him of his square-cuts, then slips out of his own shorts. Neither has much to say to each other; their actions and unmistakable attraction to each other speak for themselves. Mickey is particularly aggressive, much to Forrest's surprise. Forrest has a surprise of his own, when he sucker-punches Mickey's dick.

This match has a knack for catching you off-guard. Whatever you expected when you came to it, Taylor or Mickey will surprise you. Taylor hikes up Mickey's briefs into his crack, spanks his butt cheeks, and then ... tickles him. In retaliation, Mickey flips Taylor over his head, and Taylor lands hard. But Taylor can't catch his breath before Mickey is squatting on his face. The back and forth is dizzying. Sometimes you have to sit back and take it all in, especially that hard-on climbing up to Forrest's waistband.

The back-and-forth attacks are surprisingly easy to follow, quirks and all. The match has elements of old-school bitch fights - hair pulling and the like. And they toss each other across the mat and land dismayingly hard. By the middle of the match, the slap marks are plentiful and bright. Far from being a typical newcomer, Mickey Knoxx obviously knows how to fight. So does Forrest Taylor, who's reaching for new heights in this match. The final three minutes is a nailbiter that transcends all previous nailbiters. It's everything you thought a rabid dogfight would be ... plus kisses.

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Mickey Knoxx vs. Forrest Taylor
33 minutes

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Forrest puts on a scintillating display of control, choking and controlling his foe with one bulging arm

Grounded and folded, Mickey clutches at his throbbing bulge, bent and wedgied in a headscissors

Sitting atop his fading foe, Mickey forces him to worship his thick. peaked bicep

The boys let themselves drown in lust, Forrest gropes Mickey's ass as he rides his lap

Smothering his opponent with his crotch, Forrest continues his tickling assault

Forrest gets folded and pressed, rolled on his shoulders with his foe's feet in his face

Forrest Taylor: 5'7, 153 lbs

Forrest takes rear postion and traps his opponent between his legs while working an appreciative stroke

Forrest's ass eats his trunks as the two studs surrender to the simmering lust between them

Squatting on his opponent's face, Mickey takes a moment to appreciate his own more muscular frame

Seated on Forrest's back, he keeps him weighted to the mat with a humiliating wedgie spank

Forrest rolls the sexy underclassmen up onto his shoulders, working an ass-humping liplock

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