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  Vinny Vigo & Tony Angeles vs. Jonny Firestorm & Gabe Steel

Vinny Vigo: 6' 230 lbs & Tony Angeles: 5'11, 190 lbs

Hammerlocked, stretched, backbroken, Tony gets his world fucked up by the two notorious heels

No mercy for Vinny as he's hoisted across the two bruiser's shoulders in a tandem torture rack

Vinny's muscled core crushed, his ribs collapsing under Jonny's brutal bodyscissors

Gabe hoists Vinny up off of his feet and cruelly crushes him in a rib-cracking bearhug

Both of the muscled pretty boys drooling and snoring soundly in mirrored sleeperholds

When Hunks Bash Back

Best Full PRODUCT of 2023
Tony Angeles and Vinny Vigo turn heads wherever they go. The handsome hunks are massively muscled works of art. In the ring, what they lack in technical skill and finesse, they more than make up for in competitive intensity and raw power. After their brutal back and forth battle with each other in Babyface Brawls 5, they walked away with hard-earned mutual respect and a whole lot of eyes on them from fans and would-be opponents.

Two sets of eyes who immensely enjoyed watching them wrestle belonged to the notoriously diabolical and dangerous heel team of Jonny Firestorm and Gabe Steel, last seen destroying Leon Lange two on one (Hunkbash 27). These two were the first to propose that Tony and Vinny team up, because nothing whets the appetite of sadistic heels like two-times the fun of bashing big, bulging rookie hunks with more ambition than good sense. "Fresh meat," Jonny announces hungrily when he and Gabe find Vinny and Tony posing their phenomenal physiques, side-by-side, in the ring. "Who let these jobbers in here," Gabe chimes in, always eagerly following Jonny's lead in heaping on humiliating insults to psyche out opponents.

The titular hunks in this Hunkbash, however, show no concern. Vinny is the anchor of the rookie team, calmly and cooly reassuring his smaller partner that they've got nothing to worry about from "these assholes." Before even climbing into the ring, Gabe calls dibs on delivering the beatdown on painfully pretty muscle hunk Tony. "That one just screams to get beat," he tells Jonny. "All right," answers Jonny, with the cold calculation of the most experienced wrestler, by far, in this match.

In the opening minutes of this bout, things are looking seriously bad for the dazzlingly pretty muscle hunks. Gabe rolls right over top of sexy Tony, exploiting his extensive advantage in skill and experience. The chiseled chinned hunk seems to have nothing to defend himself against Gabe's classic hip toss, sliding smoothly into skull crushing headscissors on the rookie. "Too easy," Gabe crows with delight, lapping up faint praise from his mentor and partner, Jonny.

Vinny and Tony are a little sketchy on the rules of tag team wrestling, and Jonny and Gabe are never ones to let rules stand in their way. As a result, most of this hard-hitting confrontation is more like a muscle melee. The seasoned heels enjoy singling out the "little" guy, massively muscled Tony, for devastating double-teaming. Both Jonny and Gabe sink their teeth into the tattooed hunk, delighting in punishing his mouth-watering muscles, both one at a time and two-on-one. "See this?" Gabe snarls at Vinny dancing anxiously in his corner, watching his partner's strength getting milked out of him. "You're next, big man!"

In a clear case of "be careful what you wish for," Vinny plows into the action like a runaway cargo truck. Vinny's massive muscles defy the bad boys' most diabolical efforts to bring the big dog hunk to heel. Vin's nearly singlehandedly a match for both Gabe and Jonny, at one point busting out of a double-teaming hold and handily crushing Gabe into submission with his legs while immobilizing Jonny with his gargantuan arms. When Tony finally joins the lawless fray, the heels have suddenly got more dangerous, musclehunk offense than the would-be-bashers were prepared for.

Both of these sensational tag teams write their own rules, leaving fans and each other guessing just how out of control this bruising battle will get. There's liberal hunk bashing from (and on) all four wrestlers, but a double sleeper finisher finally settles which brutal tag team comes out on top. There's nothing pretty about the street fight-style wrestling, but Vinny and Tony themselves are supremely pretty, both soaking up and dishing out the punishment. It's rough and ready, and sensationally intense and spontaneous, and tag teams are already lining up to get their turn against the phenomenally hunky rookies!

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Vinny Vigo & Tony Angeles vs. Jonny Firestorm & Gabe Steel
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Hunkbash 29 Arena Galleries

FREE Action Clip on Arena

With a step over toe hold, Jonny breaks Vinny's back with a nasty hairpull in the middle of the ring

Tony's abs showing some wear from the beating as he's bent and boot-choked over the rope

Armbarred and prostrated, Tony is in an (un)enviable position, completely at the mercy of Firestorm

His partner might be too late! Vinny ripped from both ends in a coop figure four leglock and scissors

Tony might be the one to pull out the W as all combatants are interlocked in dualing rear chokes

Head stomped into the mat, Tony forced to watch his partner broken in a bow-and-arrow sub

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 190 lbs & Gabe Steel: 5'9, 210 lbs

Gabe hangs lifeless in a double underhook as the two prettyboys take their revenge

Adding insult to injury, Gabe adds in some hairpulling stress in his and Jonny's coop torture rack

Making sure Tony doesn't feel left out, Jonny and Gabe hoist him for the double-teaming torture rack

A tale of two teams: Gabe headscissored on all fours as Jonny drags Tony up hy his hair and trunks

Vinny's spine gets fucked up, busted over both brutal knees of the experienced heels

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