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  Tanner Ripley vs. Zach Ramos

Tanner Ripley: 5'9, 165 lbs

The bigger Zach feeds the prettyboy a faceful of pit with a backbending submission hold

Pleasure or Pain: Ramos teases a trappedTanner with both as his hand graze his bulge

Tanner gets hoisted, stretched, and crucified across Zach's broad back on the mats

Tanner takes control of the match, getting his opponent twisted out in a nipple-clawing abstretch

Tanner trapped under Zach as Zach leans back, sapping his fight and breath with a rear choke

Please, no more! You're the winner!!!

Zach Ramos and Tanner Ripley both wrestle like they've got something to prove. Closely matched in intensity and ferocity, they eye each other and suggest a few practice holds, each cocksure of their newfound stardom. It takes about half a beat for them to piss each other off and start shoving one another. Zach is bigger than Tanner, but you might not really notice it because they're both in each other's faces and dishing out brutal punishment.

This is classic, high impact submission wrestling with two gorgeous bodies packaged beautifully in designer undagear molded perfectly to their ample assets. They trade bodyscissors in an attempt to settle the question of whose crushing quads are stronger, but no one is admitting defeat as the test of strength explodes into a melee. The blond pretty boy, Tanner, flashes his coverboy dimples in a quick, cocky, foldover pin, smothering his opponent's face with his crotch and ripping Zach's powerful legs painfully apart. A half a minute later, big Zach has upended the pretty boy and plants his muscled glutes on Tanner's face, pinning the blond hunk's shoulders and ripping his legs apart in revenge. They're both strong enough, experienced enough, and stubborn enough to inflict damage as well as execute hard fought escapes. They wear each other down bit by bit, wringing out gallons of sweat and agonized screams. As instantly intense as the action started, it takes a full 18 minutes of non-stop grappling before Tanner manages to pry the first reluctant submission of the match out of his furious opponent.

It's not the last submission, though. Having been scored on first, Zach is out for blood. He hoists the dimple-cheeked pretty boy over his shoulders in a fireman's carry, parades him around just because he can, and then slams the smirk off right off of Tanner's handsome face. Vicious elbow strikes to those big thighs Tanner was so proud of at the start of the match make the blond muscle hunk scream. It's Zach's brutal ball claw that really makes the pretty boy squeal out the equalizer submission, though.

Bruised egos make both big boys that much more brutal in the frenzy of crippling submission holds in the final 10 minutes of this non-stop match. Hair is pulled. Balls are crushed. Once proud muscles are beaten into one submission after another, until finally, the victor makes his rival scream the obvious truth, "You're the winner!" Even that isn't enough to payback all the trash talk and taunts, all the showboating and insults that the loser had so audaciously dished out earlier. It's going to take blood curdling screams and completely humiliating pleas before the cocky winner is finally satisfied.

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Tanner Ripley vs. Zach Ramos
28 minutes

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Undagear 38 Arena Galleries

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Zach lets his baser intentions take over, groping Tanner's exposed bulge in a crotch-ripping spladle

Tanner looks to score one for the smaller guys as he rolls and folds Zach up in a pin

With Zach's legs bent and trapped, Tanner rips and cranks at his chin to force a submission

Tanner's bulge tents as his body is bent and nearly folded in a back-breaking boston crab

Ripping his foe's crotch wide, Tanner folds Ramos with a bulge to his face in a schoolboy variation

Flexing his much bigger bicep, Ramos brings his bulk to bear in a bulge-smothering schoolboy rollup

Zach Ramos: 6', 200 lbs

Tanner puts his lean, chisled body on display for the appreciative hands of Ramos

Tanner cries out in pain, his leaner body bent to breaking across Zach's shoulders in a torture rack

Adding insult to injury, Zach latches onto Tanner's bulge with a claw in the backbreaking submission

Tanner's toned, tatted muscle sits powerfully, controlling Zach with a single-leg boston crab

Tanner cries out for mercy, forced to flex in defeat as Zach bends him in a camel clutch

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