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  Mason Brooks vs. Brendan Byers*

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 165 lbs

Brendan has his long-haired opponent bending over backwards with a pit-to-face inverted headlock

Brendan's weight crushes the air from Mason's lungs with a ball-smothering schoolboy pin

Mason stands tall, watching his opponent suffering helplessly on the mat in a leglock submission

Brendan turns his challenger upside down, ready to end it all with a piledriver in the ring

Mason lands on top of Brendan, but does he have enough gas in the tank to capitalize on the pin?

"We All Want to Forget Something - So We Tell Stories" - Commoner to Priest

Recovering from a "little hangover," Mason and Brendan sip coffee on the porch and try to shake off their overnight drunk. Neither is clear about what exactly happened, but gradually they start putting pieces of it together. To their surprise - and no one else's - their memories do not square. Brendan tells Mason how he'd "sleepered your naked butt out." Mason shakes his head, partly in disbelief and partly to shake the morning-after cobwebs out. Brendan tells his version of the match as he guzzles his coffee. He remembers, "I fricking threw you into the ring post. I beat on you. Put you in a camel. Suplexed you. I put you in a torture rack, which you gave to, by the way. And I even threw you into the ropes, clotheslined you - hold on! It gets better - tomb-stoned you and then sleepered your naked butt out!" He counts these moves on his fingers as Mason rubs his eyes in disbelief.

Flashback to the night before: Brendan stands, his back to the corner ropes, and glares down at Mason on the mat in fishnet panties. Brendan grabs Mason's head, pulls him to his feet, and bearhugs as Mason writhes like a poisoned roach, his legs pedaling thin air. Then the big lug drops Brooks on his shoulders. Brooks clutches his cock and balls protectively, but to no avail. Brendan grabs him by his hair, lifts him up to shoulder level, and slams him to the mat. Exactly as Brendan described it, he throws Brooks into the ropes, Brooks bounces back, and Brendan clotheslines him. Several minutes into the one-sided brawl, Mason is spread across Brendan's shoulders, his crotch held captive in the palm of Brendan's hand. Byers drops him like a sack of coconuts.

Back on the porch, Mason recounts a wholly different chain of events. He seems especially insulted by the gear Brendan describes him as wearing. "Fishnets?" Brooks says in disdain. "I don't do fishnets. I'm too classy for fishnets." As Mason's version of the their evening unfolds, it's clear none of Brendan's claims happened. He's adamant that Brendan's teasing of his nipples and balls did not arouse him. Nor did he get dominated in the least!

Flashback to a very different storyline. For one thing, Mason Brooks is now the heel in charge. With a rush of testosterone, Mason pulls Brendan up to shoulder height, binding crosswise the big guy's arms and legs. He devastates the big man in move after move. Soon it's Mason's turn to tweak Brendan's nipples, teasing him with names like "Nice Nipples Brendan" and "Serviceable Nipples Brendan" and "Slightly Too Large to Be Magical Brendan." "I'm just spit balling," he gloats. Brendan, super heel, is brought down to size by the nasty expert athlete with attitude, humiliated and nearly knocked out.

With two stories now told, Freddy Campbell shows up with phone-camera in hand. Neither tale of victory is accurate, he tells Mason and Brendan, and he has the footage to prove it. Moreover, he intends to send it to Twitter. Now we see what really happened. Or did it? Has Freddy - have we? - altered the footage with tech? Who gets to create the reality? Both these heels might just get their comeuppance in this twisted double heel humiliation fest! Hot action by two consumate sexy bodies - and heel minds!

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Mason Brooks vs. Brendan Byers*
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A seated ab-stretch has the feared heel wincing in pain as Mason works his pecs over

Mason masterfully mauled, stretched across Brendan's broad shoulders in a torture rack

Mason works on wearing the big bruiser down, climbing him with a crucifix armbar

Mason has the brutal one right where he wants him, hanging bound in the ring ropes

Mason's powerful quads swallow Brendan's face, crushing his skull in a headscissors

Grounded and dazed, Mason is helpless as Brendan spreads his legs for a headbutting ballbuster

Brendan Byers: 6'2, 210 lbs

Brendan's rib-cracking arms wrap tight, crushing Mason in a suspended bearhug

Mason bucks and howls, bent in an over the knee backbreaker with a brutal ball claw

Scaling his powerful opponent's broad back, Mason wraps tight in a bodyscissoring rear naked choke

Brendan looks like he's had about enough, looking for mercy from the sadistically chuckling heel

Mason's muscled body slows down, brought low to the mat in a soul-sucking sleeperhold

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