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  Jaxon Valiant vs. Lobo Gris

Jaxon Valiant: 5'11", 185 lbs

Lobo may not have set a good example (or did he?) for the newbie, both men clawing each other's bulge

Lobo stands tall, flexing and bullying the underclassman with a skull-crushing headscissors

Jaxon celebrates, leaning back and flexing with a crippling camel clutch on the veteran star

Lobo gets a bit of offense, trying to put a stop to the masked stud's dominance with a full nelson

Even a certain motel chain won't be able to keep the lights on for Lobo as he fades in a sleeper

"Fuck, They Learn So Fast!"

About a year ago, Lobo Gris received a message from one of many of his enthusiastic fans. It was typical fanboy stuff, gushing over how hot Lobo is and asking for advice for someone new to the gay wrestling scene. The kid sent selfies, showing off his lean and lanky body. In a spirit of paying it forward, Lobo encouraged the kid to keep working out and make some local wrestling contacts to teach him the ropes. And he promised, "later."

A year later, the "someday, maybe" promise has turned into a knock on a motel door. Lobo and Jaxon Valiant are both attending a regional wrestling meet-up event. True to his word, Lobo shows up to give his fan a thrill, work the kid over a bit, and teach him some holds. However it isn't that lanky kid from the selfies that opens the door. It's a drop dead gorgeous muscle hunk with sculpted pecs, ripped abs, and thick, hairy legs.

Lobo looks confused. Delighted, but seriously confused. "You sent those pictures last year, but you didn't look like that," he insists, openly admiring the stunningly hot physique standing in front of him in nothing but lavender briefs and a luchador mask. "Are these real," he asks in awe, palming Jaxon's bulging biceps uninvited. "It's me," Jaxon assures him, stepping back and flexing his hard earned gains. "I'm Jaxon." It takes Lobo no more than half a second to rip his own shirt off, suddenly a thousand times more eager to see where this fan encounter is going to go.

Not only did Jaxon take Lobo's advice to "keep working out" to heart, he's also spent the last year ravenously taking on any and every wrestling opponent he can get his hands on. The rookie's savage sucker punch to Lobo's gut demonstrates that the masked muscle man is no shrinking violet. He knocks the wind out of Lobo's sails and flings the stunned veteran onto the bed, drilling gut punches repeatedly into Lobo's abs. With the veteran reeling, Jaxon treats himself to lustful strokes of his wrestling crush, before yanking Lobo's shorts off to seriously get down to business.

Lobo has precious little opportunity to drop any pearls of wisdom on Jaxon, what with the masked rookie outmuscling and out hustling him at every turn. The rookie's stunningly powerful legs rip Lobo's groin apart in an agonizing grapevine. "How do you like that?" Jaxon demands to know, burying Lobo's bearded face deep into his sculpted chest. "It tastes... bittersweet," Lobo's muffled voice reluctantly admits, as he struggles to breathe.

Lobo has way more on his hands than he was prepared for, as the scorching hot muscle man repeatedly turns the tables on him. Jaxon has studied Lobo's every move as only an obsessed fanatic can, and he delights in using the veteran's own signature moves against him. Lobo is in serious danger of getting buried under all of that gorgeous rookie muscle, and although he's far from defenseless against the ravenous "kid," the most dangerous threat to Lobo in that motel room is whether he really wants put the cocky, upstart, ripped to hell rookie in his place, or just enjoy the wild ride!

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Grabbing Lobo by the balls, Jaxon pulls him in close for some seriously sexy domination

Lobo tries to bite back his cries of pain as he's spladled wide with his exposed crotch clawed

Jaxon's shredded muscle pops all over with a camel variation with Lobo's gear stuffed in his mouth

Lobo is limp and lifeless, choked the fuck out in the arms of the sexy, cocky stud in his debut

Even Jaxon's mask can't hide the warring emotions, pain and pleasure rolled up between Lobo's socks

Jaxon looms over Lobo, stretching his legs shockingly wide in a spladle variation

Lobo Gris: 5'10, 186 lbs

The newbie is completely steamrolling poor Lobo, stretching him out with a bulge-to-bulge gutbashing

Lobo lies completely wasted, smothered under the swollen bulge of the flexing, victorious Jaxon

Jaxon gets his just desserts, climbing atop a laid out Lobo and sealing his victory with a kiss

The gall of this man...cocky conquering Jaxon breaks out KL's patented kiss of death sleeper in his debut

Lobo may be in need of a wakeup call as shooting star Jaxon piledrives him into the motel room floor

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