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  Rocky Sparks vs. Gale Striker

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

Rocky rides the chest of the rookie as he flexes a solid bicep and pins him down with one arm!

Striker rides Sparks back in an attempt to weaken and arouse him with a nipple-clawing camel clutch

Rocky gropes and kisses the sexy newbie with him firmly in the grip of his sensual onslaught

Rocky has Gale exactly where he wants him, trapped in a groping, crotch smothering schoolboy

Striker doesn't look like he has anything left, withering and surrendering to a stroking liplock

Gym Crush Ambush

Gale Striker can't help but notice the hot blonde checking him out in the hotel gym. They catch each other a few times in the middle of stolen glances. Finally, Gale racks his weights on the bench press, ready to make his move and introduce himself, only to discover his would-be gym crush is nowhere to be found. Shrugging off the missed connection, the hot and sweaty young hunk heads back to his hotel room for a hot shower.

Before Gale's door can close completely, Rocky Sparks sneaks into the hotel room behind him. "Remember me from the gym," Rocky asks, casually getting up close and personal with the now shirtless hunk from the bench press. Gale is hardly put off by the room invasion, delighting at the sight of the washboard abs on his gym crush when Rocky pulls off his shirt. "Do you like to wrestle," Rocky asks with a hopeful tone. "Dude," Gale sits up excitedly on his bed. "I wrestled in high school! Do you want me to kick your ass?"

Gale may have wrestled in high school, but Rocky is the experienced hand at impromptu hotel wrestling. BG East's multiple award winner for Best Abs, Rocky is hungry and aggressive as he mounts his prey and brings a whole new meaning to "gym crush" as he scissors Gale's midsection. He's all over the squirming, sweaty muscle boy, sliding to Gale's back and locking him into a shoulder wrenching full nelson. "What would Coach tell you to do, to get out of this one," Rocky taunts, obviously delighted to have the stunned hunk at his mercy.

Gale puts his pumped pecs to good use, eventually muscling his way on top. They trade holds, struggling to translate amateur wrestling moves to the awkward topography of a queen size hotel bed. Gale more than holds his own, applying a hot full nelson and savoring Rocky's whimpering struggles. "I love hearing you groan," he observes, before demanding, "do it more often!"

Just when Gale is getting the hang of working over his ultra lean gym crush, Rocky ups the ante with a firm, steady grip on his host's crotch. Every rally from Gale evaporates with Rocky's erotic offense. His superior strength melts when Rocky sucks his nipples and strips his gym shorts off. That sexy groaning that Gale was so keen to hear more of from Rocky starts to erupt involuntarily from deep inside his own chest. Wrenched backward into a kneeling surfboard, his hot, built torso beautifully on display, Gale is helpless to defend against Rocky's crotch massage. "Oh, fuck, please," Gale begs breathlessly, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, leaving it unclear if he's pleading for Rocky to stop or to keep going.

"I can go back to my room, and we can pretend this never happened," Rocky offers partway through the unplanned erotic wrestling rendezvous. He has Gale pinned, sucking on the muscle boy's neck and stroking Gale's sweaty muscles possessively. "Or, I can stick around for a little longer" he says with an impish grin. "It's up to you."

With his arms cuffed behind his back and completely at Rocky's mercy, Gale's voice quivers as he pleads, "Stay!"

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The seriously sexy Striker proves a quick study and fights free from a bodyscissors with a crotch claw

Striker succumbs to Spark's sexy onslaught, locked up and pinned down as his neck is nibbled

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Trapped under the weight of Rocky, Gale slips under the smell of the smothering pin

Gale grounded and helpless in a schoolboy pin, his victorious opponent flexes over him

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