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  Kendoll Blew vs. Gabe Steel*

Kendoll Blew: 5'5, 140 lbs

Kendoll's debut is a hellacious hazing dressed up in the guise of a wrestling match

Gabe bends and folds newbie Blew in half with his thong wedged up his tight little ass

Blew tries to post up on Gabe's thick legs as he's facing serious injury with an impending piledriver

Kendoll is beaten and broken, writhing on the mat as he sets about worshipping his boss's boots

Stripped of all of his gear, a naked Kendoll gets snapped like kindling in an over the knee backbreaker

A Lover or a Fighter?

Gabe Steel finds fresh meat in the ring and can't help but lick his lips. Kendoll Blew is the new kid making Gabe's mouth water. Kendoll's got bleach blond hair and sexy, lean muscles of that sort that look finger licking good to Gabe. "Smells like jobber," the notorious muscle heel announces, taking a deep whiff of the fear wafting off of the heel bait in the middle of the ring. Gabe drags a finger tip across the newbie's pumped pec and sucks on it. "Tastes like jobber," the hungry heel concludes.

Kendoll is brand spanking new to high stakes homoerotic wrestling, and it shows. He doesn't know how to defend himself once Gabes starts unloading an avalanche of brutal punishment. The outclassed twunk is beaten down and dragged back up again, over and over, at Gabe's sadistic whim. He stammers incoherently in response to the heel's relentless demands for answers. "Does that hurt, boy?" Gabe traps his plaything's blond head between his massive thighs, before yanking Kendoll's trunks high up between his sensational ass cheeks, the better to spank the ill-prepared pretty boy senseless. "I can't tell if you're feeling pain or pleasure," Gabe chuckles, unable to read the passionate moans choking their way out of the handsome young hunk's stunned face. "I don't think this ones a fighter," Gabe announces with a self-satisfied grin, lifting the helpless pretty boy off his feet by nothing but a vicious ball claw. "I think he's a lover!"

Without a prayer of being able to put up a serious challenge against the seasoned muscle heel, Kendoll does whatever he can to try to placate the beast that he's trapped in the ring with. When Gabe shoves pair after pair of skimpier thongs in his face, the doe-eyed pretty boy obediently strips naked, time after time, to model for the salivating beast circling him. However, snapping to attention and trying to obey Gabe's every whim earns him nothing but work scorn and punishment. Gabe manhandles him across every inch of the ring and beyond, slamming him senseless and pummeling the pretty boy's previously untested physique. Trapped in the ropes, Kendoll is just a side of beef waiting to be carved. Hung upside down for ages in the muscle heel's clutches, he can do nothing but wait for the hammer to fall in one brain rattling piledriver after another.

Before all is said and done, the trunks come off for good, as Gabe plays the bewildered pretty boy like a musical instrument. Kendoll is turned on and then beaten down in wave after wave of the heel's sadistic games. "Yes, sir," he whimpers compliantly, again and again, as he's pushed to the bitter edge of self-discovery. Kendoll's pain is Gabe's pleasure, and coming full circle, it's the rookie's astonished pleasure as well. When he started this match, Kendoll had no idea just how brutally humiliated he was about to become, or just how much his own suffering could turn on a hot hunk like Gabe, not to mention himself.

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Kendoll Blew vs. Gabe Steel*
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Gabe's brutal paws feel up his sexy toy's helpless body as he fades weakly in the pit smother

Gabe bends the rookie back over the ropes in an inverted headlock and cops a feel of his bulge

Bending back over the ropes, a stripped Blew succumbs helplessly to his master's erotic assault

Blew gets inverted in a brutal bearhug, Gabe prepping to end his suffering with a nude piledriver

Kendoll gets his flashy expensive gear stuffed in his mouth and kneels at Gabe's mercy

Stripped of his gear, Kendoll gives up the last vestige of his dignity and worships a massive bicep

Gabe Steel: 5'9, 210 lbs

Gabe snatches the prettyboy twink up in his massive arms and crushes him in a brutal bearhug

A vicious, twisting leglock has the delicious little babyface bent to breaking by bad boy Gabe

Kendoll's sexy, sensational gear only serves to give Gabe a target to aim for with a ballstomp

Gabe makes Blew come to terms with a job that needs tending to as he kneels at his feet

Gabe looms dominantly above the hapless twunk and strips him completely nude

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