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  Rolando vs. Julius

The Brazilian biker


Figure 4 headscissors

Test of strength

The Brazilian Bad Boy is Back!

Newcomer Julius is a stunner in his BGE debut. This tall African-American hunk in matching blue tights and boots displays an impressive physique as he warms up in the ring. But will all those impressive muscles do him any good against the savage heel coming his way? Rolando burns up the pavement, and our hearts, as up pulls up to BGE on his motorcycle. He enters the ring shirtless and in jeans, goggles and facemask still on, the epitome of biker masculinity. His hot pink biker tights match his hot as hell body when he begins to flex, showing Julius what he's up against "Let's see some abs" commands Rolando. Julius obliges and strikes a Rick Rude pose, leaving him wide open to a sneak attack! Julius bounces back and the two warriors struggle chest to chest in a test of strength. Julius wraps his thick thighs around Rolando's face in a four alarm headscissors! Rolando fights it hard but Julius pours on the power, forcing the cocky Brazilian to tap! Dripping with sweat, Julius poses over a stunned and humiliated Rolando, who may be done faster than anyone expected?

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Rolando vs. Julius
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