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  Jose vs. Gary Myers

Gary Myers

A fullnelson by Gary

On your knees!

Gary rides Jose

Babyface Gut Pounding!

Jose enters the gym, peels off his sweatshirt revealing a ripped physique. He hits the weights, pumps up his hot body, then sensuously stretches showing off his incredible flexibility. He heads for the arena. Entering the locker room, Gary peels off his tight jeans, puts on very skimpy work-out gear and heads into the weight room to pump up that already massive and quite spectacular body. He walks through a curtain into the arena where his opponent is already waiting for him. They slowly approach each other and stop face-to-face.
"You ready to get your ass whupped?", Jose sneers as he bounds over the top rope. Gary strips off his leather, tosses it into the center of the ring. Jose says let's see your back. Gary turns away and into a double bicep pose. Jose nails him with a full nelson, dragging him all over the ring and creaming him into the turnbuckles. This is a classic Fantasymen bout and those of you who have been clamoring for more of Jose will not be disappointed. Very hot ring action with two very real fantasymen. (And yes, the babyface's gut gets pounded and pummeled mercilessly.

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Jose vs. Gary Myers
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