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  Joe Mazetti vs. Aryx Quinn

Aryx shows off

Full body press!

That all you got?

The Mouth Writes Checks; the Ass Has to Cash!

Joe pumping iron would intimidate anyone, but Aryx isn't anyone: he's BGE's self-proclaimed "up 'n cumming hottest!" He swoops in, insinuating Joe is past his prime yet expressing such tactile admiration for his bod the big man warns, "look but don't touch." Aryx challenges: "Those arms are like rocks, but I bet with my technique I can beat those bi's arm wrestling." Strain and strain but Joe doesn't budge: baseballs vs cannonballs! Aryx winces, Joe soothes: "I like you kid--show me some of that technique in the ring." But Aryx can't bend Joe's big bod to apply the Quinn-Lock and ends up screaming "I give!" when Joe violently reverses the Aryx Hangman. Aryx gropes Joe's arms in amazement bringing a sadistic smile to Joe's face. But when Aryx attempts to low blow Joe, Joe goes from bemused to berserk: crushing pec claws, astounding overhead press slams and relentless bearhugs until Aryx screams "No more, stop, please!" A high-impact KO brings the slaughter to a close, but Aryx's notably inflated basket between his splayed-wide thighs might provide a possible explanation why he stepped so blatantly into an inevitable beating! Or was this all just an elaborate set-up to put Aryx in his place?

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Joe Mazetti vs. Aryx Quinn
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