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  Luis Camacho vs. Doug Warren

Luis Camacho 5'8 155

A wedgie pin by Doug

Smack that ass

Doug stands over Luis

Barefoot Brawl

Luis is super aggressive and greatly enjoys pressing his crotch on the bigger stud-star. It's no-holds-barred with wedgies, butt-slapping and crotch-to-face pins. Doug makes the spunky Latino pay for a ball grab with crotch-rippers and tight nelsons. Luis bulges big in a purple bikini; Doug's white shows off his butt'n'balls. Neck-cranks, headscissors, chest and pec pounding & legsplits reign, as Luis surprises the vet forcing him to give twice! Butts get slapped and muscles get stretched with the sweaty victor marching the loser out by his trunks.

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Luis Camacho vs. Doug Warren
22 minutes

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Luis screams out in pain from the crotch crusher of Doug

Doug kneels over his victim

Up by the hair

Luis tries to escape a pin attempt

Luis in deep trouble

Doug cranks on the scissors

Doug's fullnelson/scissors submission combo has Luis ready to quit

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