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  Rod Padilla vs. Rick Lombardi  

Rod Padilla (sadly in his only BGE appearance)

Rod split and pinned

Rod in Rick's painful armbar

Rod's choke begins to take effect

Rick works on Rod's back

Shredded Superstud Rod in a Catch-weight Contest

Rookie Rod is shredded beyond belief, the ultimate hunkboy! X-fighter Rick uses his weight advantage to stretch Rod's bod and crotch-rip his prodigious basket. Rod counters the bigger stud using head and hammerlocks. Rick gets carried away, refusing to let a screaming Rod out of a submission hold; Rod comes back to put Rick out in a choke, ending whatever designs he had on the studmuffin. You'll be gasping for air too when you see Rod flex in triumph! A studmuffin supreme!

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Rod Padilla vs. Rick Lombardi
21 minutes
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Ripped Rod

Rick Lombardi, X-Fights star

Rod tries to choke X-fighter Rick

Rick has the stud all tied up

Ripped Rod controls with heavier muscleman

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