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  Brad Rochelle vs. The Enforcer

Brad's boot to his back

Ripped abs; wrecking rack

Enforcing his own rules

Brad boot beating

Enforcer, or Executioner?

After 20 minutes of punishment, unconsciousness is mercy. That masked face, impassive, unspeaking, knows none. He snaps the drooling, sweaty hero awake. Again that huge boot falls onto Brad's wide-open gut making him fold. A steely hand claws into broken abs. Instinct kicks in: "I give!" The Enforcer releases, only to dig in with both hands, ignoring all pleas until Brad spasms. Destruction piece by piece: stomping biceps to mush, stomping the tender inner thigh, folding a long leg so flat the victim's boot bumps his own butt for a single leg boston crab from hell. Brad pretzels in frightening positions that overwhelm his fabled flexibility. Forty minutes, another KO. Another jarring wake up blow. Gut, arms, legs, now chest: pounded on the mat, bludgeoned in the corner. Two hands clamp on his pummeled pecs, and Brad thrashes, his frantic screams climbing octaves of pain. The back: elbows and surfboards, Bostoned until his boots touch his head. "Oh god, you broke my fucking back," Brad moans, mindblown. Squirming, convulsing, Brad weakly gropes for the ropes, escape. The Enforcer mounts him. Brad's face contorts. A guttural grunt as something inside shuts down...

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Brad Rochelle vs. The Enforcer
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