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  Brad Rochelle vs. The Enforcer

Brad hung out to dry

Rope bound Brad

Who's enforcing the rules?

nasty knee lift

Domination and destruction

A darkened arena. A dimmed figure hangs in the corner. A clock, 11:40 p.m.

Time passes. In the morning light, the clock. 7:05. The camera pans over the ring: a boot, another, and trunks last seen on the hips of Aryx Quinn. Mysterious. Then, a muscular thigh, a bare buttock. Brad, unconscious, lashed to the ropes, a message scrawled across his once-powerful arms. He stirs, groggily tearing himself free before collapsing and recovering enough to think to cover his exposed ass. He stumbles out of the ring, tests the door. Freedom? Tentative, he turns the knob. A size twelve boot blows Brad back, bouncing off the ring ropes. Stiff knee lifts make the beauty buck, before two big arms send him sprawling into, nearly though the ring. Exposing crotch splits, an embarrassing matchbook press with butt and basket punching, knees, stomps and chokes--attacks designed to humiliate as much as pulverize. Shocked, confused, hurting, Brad
fights: crucifix, armbars. "Just let me leave!" A desperate sleeper. But the tormentor rises, pulps him between that big body and the turnbuckles. Arms tighten around his throat, swing him side to side like prey in the jaws of a beast...

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