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  Joe Driver vs. Ricky Martinez

Joe Driver

A bulging headscissors

Joe bent and bowed

Joe The Jock! Ricky wrecked.

A backbreaking dragon sleeper

Opportunity Knocks

Prettyboy Ricky's got the edge in muscle, but he's still looking for his first win, while the last time lean 'n lanky Joe appeared in the Gazebo he defeated 4 wrestlers at once in BGE's first ever 5-way thrash. Emboldened by yet envious of Joe's breakthru, Ricky strikes with a rapid rollup. But countering into a crotchsplit, a reverse headscissors and a beetleback that puts Ricky's beautiful bod on display, it's obvious Joe has his own agenda: to solidify his rising status by mauling a magnificent muscleboy. And when he raises and spreads Ricky's legs in a parody of a post-submission pin and later scores another submission by sitting flush on Ricky's face, it's even more obvious: he's out to win in as humbling a fashion as possible. Humiliated, desperate to put his unparalleled rep as job boy to jobbers to rest, Ricky shows unprecedented aggression: balls-on-face smother pins, a truly unique crotchsplit and camel clutches that leave Joe begging. But in the gazebo it's the final submission that matters, and the winner milks it for all he's worth. Ricky's never been more watchable, and Joe's big flag-clad bulge gives new meaning to the phrase, "Old Glory." We salute!

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Joe Driver vs. Ricky Martinez
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