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  Aryx Quinn vs. Ken Okeda*


Dropping the big elbow

Strip the jobber

Look at yourself

The Booker's Surprise

Aryx has an "in" with the boss and he usually picks his own opponents. But even he occasionally has to face whomever the booker selects. Cartwheeling around the ring, Ken is like no one Aryx has ever seen. But acrobatics only go so far. With a penchant for picking the most popular muscleboys for his personal punishment sessions, Aryx is underwhelmed. "All that matters here is arms of steel and sex appeal," he boasts. Ken cuts to the core with a comment that stops Aryx in his tracks: "The way Mazetti kicked your ass, you're not much competition if you ask me." Them's fightin' words! But before Aryx can respond, the Asian acrobat hits him with springboard body block! Ken tries a flying headscissors but he's a lightweight and Aryx is more muscular than ever: block and bodyslams x 3. Aryx worships his own image in the mirror. But when he turns, Ken surprises with a headscissors trapping Aryx's face smack into his buttcrack. Humiliated, Aryx tortures Ken with a suspended surfboard double deathlock of doom sure to ground the high-flying rookie permanently.

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Aryx Quinn vs. Ken Okeda*
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Suspended surfboard

Kenny O


Ken's head scissors

Over the knee backbreaker


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