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  Jay Landis vs. Doug Warren

Jay Landis

Double body scissors

Jay gets leg spread

Mean Meets Might

"Man, you look like you could be a challenge," Doug gasps upon seeing big, beefy blond Jay. But Doug hasn't compiled one the longest and best records at BGE by backing down. He breaks out his Brazilian jiu jitsu - a style of grappling designed to cripple bigger opponents - and scores with an armbar. After tasting Jay's power in a bearhug, Doug wisely takes the big man off his feet and works his legs with a crotch split, slowly taking control. Emboldened by his rising dominance, Doug gets reckless and attempts a full nelson - that's jacked Jay's territory! Jay powers out with ease, and before Doug realizes what's happening, he's swinging side to side in a big bearhug. Doug begins to fade, dangerously close to his first defeat in a decade. But Jay doesn't want a victory, he wants Doug...

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Jay Landis vs. Doug Warren
27 minutes

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Butt humping full nelson

Mat battle of the titans

Doug coils around Jay

Jay has Doug on his back

Doug power pressed

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