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  Kid Vicious vs. Buck Koto*


Vicious gets nelsoned

Double pec claw

Salacious Sex-Fight Smash

Buck comes to us with an impressive background in boxing. With eye-of-the-tiger intensity, he stands toe-to-toe, bulge-to-bulge with never-been-beaten heel Vicious in an opening stare down. "Ready?" Vicious asks, but as soon as Buck grunts, "Yeah," a fist to his gut blasts the breath out of him. BG luminaries such as Justin Pierce and Jeff Phoenix will attest that no wrestler pulverizes a hot pair of pecs like Vicious; here he takes it to new levels: clawing, punching and torturously twisting those nips. "Give," Vicious commands, but when Buck won't, Vicious throws him in the corner and unloads on the boxer's perky pecs like they have "Everlast" stamped across them. By the end of the first fall, Buck is done, but Vicious didn't get his name by being merciful. Crotch splits and clotheslines are gentle compared to Vicious's relentless and raunchy smothering the boxer with his butt and rapidly swelling basket. Broken, Buck slavishly salivates over Vicious's boot before giving his raging rod similar service, but Vicious KO's him anyway before popping a juicy load on the beaten boxer's bod. Welcome to BG East!

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Kid Vicious vs. Buck Koto*
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Buck butt smothered in KV's fearsome figure 4 head

Buck pinned and split

Big boot on Buck

Buck licks boot

The infamous Vicious neck breaking

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