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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Brendan Byers

Brendan The Beautiful

A boot to the balls

The jobber gets a talkin-to

The big BBW bearhug

Lip-locking the pretty boy

"How old are you?" the BBW marvels upon seeing babyfaced Brendan in the ring. But when Brendan sheepishly admits he knows who the BBW is, the vet is flattered enough to extend a clean handshake and offer to train the newbie. A new BBW? Of course not: the training comes to an abrupt end when the BBW smashes the boy to the mat. Turnbuckle back-bashing and shoulder thrusts to the body are bad enough, but splitting and spreading the rookies legs over the corner ropes and grinding a workboot into his unshielded balls is nasty even for the BBW, who doesn't bother interrupting the beating to ask the woefully outmatched rookie if he wants to submit. A face-crusher, and the BBW peels the barely conscious boy out of his squarecut. A pedigree is too much. But a tombstone piledriver is simply wrong, the definition of excessive cruelty: not merely a KO but a concussion. A brutal beating that will satisfy the most sadistic viewer. But if that isn't enough, young Brendan pops a massive, visibly throbbing thru flimsy trunks boner that is anything but immature while the BBW counts him out. Too hot!

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Brooklyn Bodywrecker vs. Brendan Byers
41 minutes

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BBW lays down the law

Brendan battered

Bending Brendan

The job boy destroyed

A face clawing camel

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