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  Joshua Goodman vs. Jon Danvers


Mr. J headscissored


Jon armlocks Joshua

A painful surfboard

Into the Gauntlet! Threat Level--High: The indy wrestler

One wrestler, three matches against opponents of increasing threat: The Gauntlet! Joshua hits the ring oozing confidence--his opening opponent, aspiring indy wrestler Jon doesn't match Joshua physically. "Surely, you've heard of me. I'm MISTER Joshua, and I'm gonna break your ass in real good," Joshua warns, shedding his jacket to reveal pumped up pecs and rippling abs. Jon isn't intimidated, even when the bigger man headlocks and subsequently powers out of his attempt at a headscissors with a deliberately arrogant headstand/legsplit. But when Jon goes to work on his arm the shock on Joshua's face says it all. And when Jon hammerlocks it and sinks a clawhold into Joshua's vulnerably exposed bulging pec, shock turns to pain! But Joshua isn't about to blow his spotlight in an opening match--a blatant low blow spells doom. A rolling headscissors, a camel, a deathlock and cloverleaf with "cocky" Joshua palming his ever-swelling basket between holds, Jon is in no shape to continue. But Joshua does--proudly displaying his chiseled bod with a bump 'n grind before bulldogging the boy through the mat! Confidence restored, Joshua boots the broken jobber out of the ring and pumps himself up for what's to come...

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Spotlight: Joshua Goodman


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Joshua Goodman vs. Jon Danvers
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Flying knee to the back

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Leg locking double bicep pose

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