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  Doug Warren vs. Ace Phillips*

Ace Phillips

Bodyscissored and sleepered

Suck it

Suck on THAT!

The big boy bound...

The Reward

After that a taxing and titilating workout and that bruising and breathtaking shoot, Doug deserves a reward. He arranges his own over the net "So you're 'AwesomePecs,'" Doug says, sizing up the beefy bohunk waiting for him in the Shack. Ace acknowledges his screenname but Doug needs proof the name is apt--ripping off Ace's tight white tank and exposing two lightly hairy pecs capped with chewable, quarter-sized nips. But when Doug refuses to pay compliment and goes for a hands-on evaluation, Ace rolls Doug over, smothers the vet with his pecs and teases, "So, about the word awesome..." while Doug reflexively bites down on his nip. Pec punching, squeezing, biting and sucking. From trunks to jocks to head-to-toe nudity. Aggressive Doug uses his skills to immobilize Ace for closer inspection while the tease eggs him on: "Harder!" Doug gives in and gets his own pecs and cock worshipped over as a juicy reward before shooting on his willing boy. But Doug has earned more than a singular hook-up. A shredded shirt is as good as rope for cuffing and collaring, and a used jock makes a perfect gag..

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Spotlight: Doug Warren*


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Doug Warren vs. Ace Phillips*
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Shirt shredding

The rip-strip begins

Ace is no jobber joy-boy

Jock strap joy

Ace bound and gagged

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