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  Greg Leary vs. Cruze

Greg Leary 5'11 190 lbs.

Greg and Cruze ready for action

Greg's reverse armbar

Cruze's chinlock/leglock combo


Fantasymen Fight Turns Hard Pro!

These two stars of BG East couldn't agree to meet until the rules were set! Greg was taking on the meanest, sexiest heel in the stable, someone willing to do anything to win. Greg was counting on his growing BG East skills to catch the sexy hispanic off guard and score a big upset and more! Greg also has a size advantage but he knew full well Cruze's skill could neutralize that. These 2 hot and talented fighters wanted to meet in a kick-boxing and wrestling extravaganza where merely winning was not enough: in a BG East Submssions match the only way to win is to make your opponent submit repeatedly, more than 3 times in a row!

These cocky studs mouth off trying to psyche the other out. Both wear tigers in the ring in their oh-so-skimpy gear, trying for a sexy psych-out as well. Our latino star comes on strong using kicks, throws, and arm torture. Greg's on beautiful display as he suffers. His pride won't let him give until his arm's nearly broken! At 2 falls each, the studs strip off their bikinis, revealing their now-hard rods for the deciding falls. The victor insists on multiple painful submissions, enjoying the screams of his hurt opponent. One helluva hot'n'nasty beat down that kicked off the Submissions series with a BG East 'Hard Pro' style match! Clash of the Muscle Badboys!

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Greg Leary vs. Cruze
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A big boot by Cruze


Cruze 5'6 165 lbs

Greg screams out in pain

Cruze armbars Greg

Greg's armlock/wrsitlock

Cruze armbar/scissors Greg

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