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  Sean Patrick vs. Jim MacKay

Sean Patrick

Jim pinned and split wide

Jim's body crushing bodyscissors

Does Sean bend that way?

Sean rubs Jim's jewels

A totally punishing rookie mat mashing!

Sean gets caught in several of the newcomer's holds, but it's Jim who really gets taught a lesson in pain: tied in knots and humiliated in various brutal neck, back & arm stretches, headscissors, crotchrippers! His expressions of agony and submission just egg on--and turn on--budding heel Sean. Jim resists Sean's erotic advances and seems to enjoy testing his endurance for pain! Crotch to face pins, tit-twisting, erotic rubbing, ball grabs. Stunning headscissors! Seething with sexuality and punishment! The rookie proves he can take it!

SEAN: 6'1" 160 lbs.
JIM: 5'9" 160 lbs.

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Sean Patrick vs. Jim MacKay
29 minutes

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A modified half crab

A back bending reverse headscissors

Jim MacKay

A back breaking submission

Jim all wrapped up!

Sean puts the pressure on

Jim on the verge of defeat

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