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  Bryan vs. Chase  

Chase & Bryan

Chase crushes Bryan's crotch

Bryan folds and pins Chase

Chase lays out Bryan

Chase tries to power out

Bryan in Private

Early fans remember the intense excitement from the debut of Chase and his steamy Muscle Showcase (now available on DVD). Soon after, fellow musclestar & pro Bryan announced he would accept some private challenges from BG Wrestlers. Chase had actually been one of Bryan's biggest fans and dreamed about getting his hands on the prostud. The two first lift and discuss weight training techniques. Chase looks spectacular, at the very height of his muscularity. This is bicep heaven, as the boys pump and launch into a hot posedown in shorts and spandex, then to bikini and thong to oil each other up for the posedown: eye-popping hot.

Fired up by the oil and by their pumped, heated muscle they decide to "mix it up." Bryan is bigger and stronger and phenomenally skilled, but Chase is at his best here, psyched up, turned on and game for action. This makes for some very electric and erotic interplay. This match features lots of butt slapping, tit grabbing, much fantastic ball grabbing, some of which leads to an incredibly hot submission. There are tests of strength and butt humping by both. Bryan locks a hot leg spread on Chase, and later has Chase's legs doubled up over his head poking his pumped-up pouch into Chase's upended butt. Chase turns the tables and crotch-smothers his bigger opponent's face. They work each other over with humping full-nelsons--and both have much to hump! Bryan wedges Chase's bikini way up between his cheeks so that both guys end up wrestling bare-butt, with so much slapping and rubbing, you might even call it butt-worship! At certain points Chase seems almost overwhelmed by the action, sighing, "oh man, oh, man", especially when he and his wrestling idol are clinched together, and later as he slithers, sweat soaked, over Bryan's bare butt. Though continually outwrestled and overpowered, Chase keeps coming back for more and more and more--in fact, he can't seem to get enough! Very sensual, very sweaty, this bout brings you sides of Bryan you probably thought you might never see.

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Bryan vs. Chase
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Chase snaps Bryan's thong

A sexy scissor by Chase

Crotch to face pin attempt by Bryan

Bryan locks up Chase

Chase goes for a ride!

Nipple twist!

The veteran Pro poses

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