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  Dane Tarsen vs. Wolf Schmidt*

Tattoo's galore

Dane stripped....

....and stripping

Butt blast

Suck My Toes, Pig!

When Wolf unties and removes his opponent's asics, Dane's socked feet end up in Wolf's trap and all over his ruggedly handsome face. When the socks finally get removed one of them winds up tied tightly around Wolf's big sack and hard cock. Dane abuses and punishes Wolf's sock-bound basket while grinding his sweaty bare foot into his challenger's pretty sweaty face. Nude and hard, both studmen go for the gusto! Both men are forced to pay homage to the other's dripping hard-on. Dane evens tries to force Wolf to suck his own cock! Wolf bodyscissors Dane and punishes and prods Dane's muscular butt. Dane jacknifes and face-sits Wolf then tortures his open exposed and very vulnerable ass and crotch. Two incredibly studly and handsome men in very aggressive mat action with lots of butt and nipple play, some major cock and ball torture, long-held face-smothers, breath-play and major foot worship and humiliation. A spectacular 1 hour and 8 minutes.

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Dane Tarsen vs. Wolf Schmidt*
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Delicious designs

Double pec claw

Crotch pin

Dane jerks away

Foot fetish!

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