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  Marco Guerra vs. Tommy Tara


Tight head scissors

Tommy gut-busted

Tommy airborne

Ringwar into Grudge Match!

Fan-fave Tommy's been m.i.a. for well over a year, so his is a welcome return, not merely because he looks better than ever, but because as Troy, Justin, Nick AND Aryx will attest, he's one of our most talented fantasyman pros. But forgive Marco's arrogance, in showing up late clad in leather and shades, reeking scorn. Tommy's high-arcing armdrags and dropkicks quickly change Marco's tune, if muttering "fuck!" before rolling out of the ring can be called a tune. Marco regroups--his butt-flexing reverse headscissors is no doubt more intimate than Tommy expected, but when Marco kicks him in the kidney after the bell, Tommy's expression goes from serious to murderous. Both fighters work harsh submission holds they refuse to release even as the bell rings frantically. A surge of adrenaline from rising rage gives Tommy strength, helping him power out of a long-held headscissors and turn it into a big brutal Boston crab--sweet! Tommy truimphant! It's a big back and forth beating from both ends until the very end. Spectacular!

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Marco Guerra vs. Tommy Tara
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