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  Jonah Richards & Jeremy Burk vs. Damon Clark*

Jonah Richards

Jeremy pushes his way out

Jeremy jammed in Jonah's joint!

Double side surfboard lock up

Ring Rookies Romp

Cocky, confident, and out to kick some butt, Jonah strips down to his sexy low cut singlet and steps into the ring. Having clearly dominated in his debut match, Jonah is keen to continue his winning ways...which could spell bad news for the more reticent Jeremy whose debut BG match vs Rocco was not quite as successful! In one prolonged and intense bearhug, Jonah quickly establishes his dominance, leaving an out-of-breath Jeremy to recover on the ropes. Followed quickly thereafter with a series of nasty scissor and grapevine combinations, Jeremy soon finds himself muttering, "I give!" Not content to merely beat his opponent, Jonah taunts Jeremy with a series of poses and flexes, daring him to continue. But Jeremy is not about to allow himself to be jobbed by a younger and lighter opponent - at least not without a fight! And his humiliating, face-humping, rollicking and ring-rolling head scissors has young Jonah wondering if his victory "streak" is about to come to an abrupt and crashing end! But then, in walks Damon....and boy, how things can suddenly change! (see page 2)

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Team Torture 7: 2 on 1*


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Jonah Richards & Jeremy Burk vs. Damon Clark*
41 minutes

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Jeremy shows some power

The rookies jump big Damon

Damon Clark

Jonah shows Jeremy who's boss

Face to crotch scissors

A double back-bending boston crab

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