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  Big John Andersen & Daz vs. Kieran Dunne & Joshua Goodman

Daz and Big John

Daz taunts Keiran

Kieran head scissored

Big John's big arms

Some Tag Teams Are Born, Some Are Made...

...And others have tag teaming thrust upon them! We couldn't help wondering what would happen if we put Joshua and Kieran together given their history on MatHunks 1. And when Joshua introduced himself like it was a first meeting, we knew we had something. Kieran balks: "We had a match!" A few reminders, and it clicks for Joshua: "Oh yeah, I kicked your ass!" But when Joshua marvels at ever-growing Kieran's bod, the muscleboy momentarily forgets the insult and joins him in a series of promotional poses. Big John and Daz may be new, but buzz-cut and butch in black, they'd intimidate anyone. Except Joshua: "Just follow my lead kid, and you'll be OK." But that promise turns ominous when Big John chokes him senseless before pulling him into the corner for a gloved fist beating by ultra-aggressive Daz! Dumb 'n dazed from a knock out sleeper and a wake-up headscissors, Josh stumbles into a tag, only for Kieran to run into boots, backbreakers and shoulderblocks from the tagging in-and-out heels.

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Team Torture 6


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Big John Andersen & Daz vs. Kieran Dunne & Joshua Goodman
42 minutes

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Tag Team Torture 6 Arena Galleries

Big John joshing Josh

Daz ab stretches Kieran

Daz torments Josh

Kieran crunches Daz

Kieran cuaght in Big John's vice

Kieran gets belly-busted

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