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  Brooklyn Bodywrecker & Shane McCall vs. Brian Powers & Liam Ryan*  

BBW & Shane McCall

Liam slams Shane

Liam gets a crotchful of elbow

BBW's suspended sleeper!

Brian & Liam tortured in the corner

After "taking" Shane in Dark Knights 5, BBW breaks his new "boy" in as his partner. Big, beefy Mike and cute, cocky Liam start off strong, and punish the heels but vicious low blows stop the babyfaces in their tracks: BBW hoists Liam up into an unbelievable suspended sleeper! The leathermen binds and gags Brian and doubleteams poor Liam with a ball-and-nipple-clawing backbreaker then sandwiches him between them in a sexy bearhug/sleeper! Finally, BBW and Shane kiss as Liam is force-fed Shane's cock!!

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Team Torture 2

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Brooklyn Bodywrecker & Shane McCall vs. Brian Powers & Liam Ryan*
50 minutes
Arena Members Only
24 Hours: $10.00 or 10 tokens
7 Days: $15.00 or 13 tokens

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Turnbuckle terror

BBW in Brian's torture rack

Liam Ryan & Brian Powers

Liam chinlocks Shane

Shane sleepers big Brian

Shane tries to break free from Brian

Liam gets a mouthful!

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