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  Devon Cade vs. Rusty Ansen*


Me about to get spanked

Devon taunts me

And I grab his jeans...

The Bully and the Boy Next Door

I'm still in shock. It was just supposed to be a friendly wrestle--who'd have thought I'd end up jerking his dick until he juiced, forcing him to suck my dick before shooting all over him? I was surprised he wanted to wrestle at all. Devon's a total jock, hangs with guys who act like they rule everything. Me, I'm cute enough, but I don't act like I'm on the show "Jackass." Anyway, he hustled me into a room where no one could see us. It was fun at first. Then he started acting all tough, pinning me just to show he was stronger. I got him in a scissors. "That the best you got? You ain't shit," he says, taunting me like he knew he could throw me off any time he wanted. That made me mad. I jumped him, grabbed both of his arms and pulled. He didn't say anything at first, but then, "I quit!" A rush went through me. I mean, there he was, this ripped stud, wincing on the ground because of me! That did something to me. "You want some more!" I yelled and punched him in his 6-pack, again and again, backing him up against the wall. I slapped him, hard, and threw him on the floor. "You aren't so fucking bad now!" I wanted to humiliate him. I reached down and pulled his jeans off...

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Devon Cade vs. Rusty Ansen*
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I bash his gut

I choked him


Clasic schoolboy tussle

The belts come off

He's strong and cocky

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