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  Tony Vencini vs. Kevin Lee

Pendulum punishment

'Get up, jobber boy!'

Scissored on the ropes...

And choked on the ropes

Triple T Triumphant

Squashed, Compressed Swung and Demolished

Sorry babyface fans, 'happy endings' are for Hollywood. But this is BG East, where mean-assed studs like 'Triple T' don't give a rookie a chance for close-call heroics. Knowing his quarry is essentially a crawling casualty, Tony proceeds to please the viewer with demonstrations of his wrestling prowess, his superior strength underlined by muscle-popping flexing and posing. After transporting cute Kevin on repeated visits to Jobberland he rides him long and hard in a back-crunching camel clutch. In between, he ties him in the ropes for some humpy headscissor and choking action. The nearly lifeless Lee is lifted and locked, both by legs and arms, and swung in a pendulum before being subjected to a seemingly never-ending menu of submission inducing delicacies...all capped off with some hunky muscle-posing pins. Though left devoid of any initiative, Kevin's imposed pain and subsequent suffering are salaciously sublime. And 'Triple T' can add another T to his title - for Triumphant!

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Tony Vencini vs. Kevin Lee
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