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  Matt Stryker vs. Paul Hudson

Matt Stryker 5'10 215

Mormon sickle bow & arrow

Brutal bow & arrow

The Hudson specialty!

215 lbs vs 145 lbs

Paul Hudson is the picture perfect babyface?blonde and innocent looking in his purple trunks, and not backing down when experienced pro Matt Stryker arrives in his black and gold square cuts, sneering, "All right, fresh meat!" as he climbs into the ring. And even after Stryker gets some early advantages and dishes out some bone cracking punishment on the rookie, Hudson still has the courage to spit out "ah, you just got lucky" at the more experienced pro. (Ballsy or stupid?) "Lucky, huh?" Stryker says with a laugh that would chill boiling water. "I?ll show you lucky, little boy." And soon the ring is filled with Hudson?s screams of pain as Stryker works over his back with a back-batterer's dream menu. A few of the house specialties: body slam, suplex, boston crab, bow & arrow, over-the-knee backbreaker and brutal spine snapping knee drops. Bon apetit! But the cocky rookie is still hungry! Our pretty Paulie Boy may end up with some bruises as purple as his speedo!

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Matt Stryker vs. Paul Hudson
34 minutes

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