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  Tristan vs. Nick Naughton

Tristan 6'1, 215

Tristan slams a suplex

Naughty naughty!

Tristan trapped and throttled

Tristan admires his refelction

Covermodels: Prettyboys Can Fight!

One of the highest honors a wrestler can achieve at BGEast is the status of cover model on a catalogue. Sometimes, though, it can go to a wrestler's head - which might have been the case with sexy hard-muscled blond beauty Tristan. Tristan has been bragging about how his month on the homepage of the website got more hits than any other - and that hasn't sat well with Naughty Nick Naughton, who also had his time as the coveted coverboy. "He can't even wrestle," he said when asking for this match-up, "he's just a pretty boy babyface who's really a JOBBER! Let me at him - he needs to learn some respect -the hard way." Naughty Nick has bulked up some since his cover time, and he is looking mean. Tristan gladly accepted his challenge - and are we ever glad he did! What a match!

The bout starts with Nick blindsiding a gloved Tristan before he even steps into the Arena, laying the muscleboy out with a vicious knee to the back that sends the stud sprawling to the floor. Nick slams his head into the side of the ring a few times, then adds some elbows and foot stomps to Tristan's back for good measure - and then finds a towel someone left on the couch outside the ring. "What do we have here?" the young tough grins, wrapping it around his hapless foe's neck, choking and gagging him before finding other handy items to batter and bind the blond stud! "This is how I like to start my matches," Nick taunts before finally tossing the dazed Tristan into the ring.

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Tristan vs. Nick Naughton
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Nick's numbing sleeper

Naughty Nick 5'11, 205

Nick nicks Tristan's glove

Nick goes for a knock-out

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Administering an abdominal stretch

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