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  Marcelo Muscle vs. Christopher Bruce

Rib-crushing Bruce bearhug

Scissors! Who's got whom?

Breathtaking bearhug

In victory or defeat?

I'm No Jobber!

Marcelo thinks he's well on his way to being added to the long list of Bruce-bashers. But Chris didn't return to the wrestling world to just be another practice dummy, and when the second fall starts, he shows an aggressive side that takes the smaller man by total surprise! He quickly scores the second fall with a punishing and powerful full nelson-body scissors combination that leaves Marcelo shaking and trying to regain his breath. "That didn't take much," Chris spits out with a sneer. With the score tied 1-1, and neither man wanting to go down to defeat, the action in the third fall is faster and more brutal. The two exchange headlocks, scissors, and nelsons, with the reversals coming faster and the moves getting rougher with each take down! Finally, a winner is determined when a Figure 4 head scissors almost chokes his opponent out completely - and then the winner isn't quite finished with his foe yet! Another take down, a brutal back snapping bear hug and more back torture is in store for the hapless loser until he is forced to submit yet again. Incredibly hot mat action in an idyllic lakeside setting = the makings of sweet summer fantasies.

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Marcelo Muscle vs. Christopher Bruce
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