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  Patrick Donovan vs. Robin Carter


Good use of long legs

Patrick gut bashed

Double leg nelson

Patrick pinned and smothered

Thunder & Lightning: Rasslin' In The Rain!

We could feel it in the air. Call it heat, that undefinable "something" one senses when a match is gonna be good. We could feel it, but more importantly, so could they. "You looking for me?" Robin gets in Patrick's face. "Yeah," he says, knocking Robin's cap off in a universally recognized gesture of bad intent. Patrick begins to remove his shorts, only to get caught in sartorial bondage when Robin jumps him. Patrick retaliates with a schoolboy, taunting, "like it between my legs?" adding a cryptic, "You've been there before." But Robin spanks the moaning blond's bubblebutt. A submission after a long, hard-fought opening round is usually an indication of an impending squash, the losing wrestler a winded and worn-out plaything for a surging opponent. Not this time. Suddenly, the round is Robin: Patrick blinking in surprise as his speedo slides between his split, spread legs, then grimmacing with unmistakable pain a moment later when Robin repeatedly thumps Patrick's head until he screams "I submit!" A booming thunderclap rattles the rafters, as if Nature itself was applauding. But real climax happens a moment later when the aggression of wrestling at it's most intense explodes in a passion of a different sort...

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Patrick Donovan vs. Robin Carter
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Nice pin!

Wet warriors

Robin shredded

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