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  Christopher Bruce vs. Cole Cassidy

Christopher Bruce

Pre-bell attack

The big Bruce bearhug

Reverse chest cruncher

Full lift and slam!

A Superstar Returns!

Bigger and buffer, Christopher makes his long-awaited return to the BG East ring. One look at Chris in his butt-huggingly brief red trunks, and you can't help but notice the impressive size and definition he has added since his last BG East outing. And given his pre-match posing and self-oogling, one might say he has picked up a bit of an ego as well! Unimpressed with this ostentatious display, Cole not only mocks Chris to his face, but attacks him from behind with a powerful forearm smash to the back. Before the ring jacket can even come off, Chris finds himself being tossed around the ring. Using Chris's own ringside towel, Cole takes the wind right out of Bruce with some vicious choking before tying him up in the ropes for some additional rope-strangling abuse. With Chris pinned under him in a reverse schoolboy pin, Cole takes aim at those impressive abs and fires away with a withering belly-bashing. But when Cole attempts to go for a big scoopslam, the babyface Bruce turns the table - decidedly and impressively! Cole is surprisingly subjected to a rib-crushing and breath-taking series of brutal bearhugs and in between gets body slammed more times in this one match than in his entire career!

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Christopher Bruce vs. Cole Cassidy
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Bruce choked in the ropes

Cool Cole

Cole aims for the abs

Cole humbled

Cole's bearhug counter

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