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  Kieran Dunne vs. Angel



Spanking babyface butt

Kieran goes to boston

Babyface Boy-Hunk Barebutt Beating

Kieran's feeling sexy: he arrives in the ring in sailor dress whites. Cue the music, and he's swinging and bucking his hips, a sensual tease--tasty! Angel isn't tempted. "What the fuck is this!" Kieran pays no mind, shedding his shirt, ripping off his pants, posing and doing push ups to pump his bod to it's most viewable. But when Angel brands him "a little bitch," Kieran attacks, going for a quick pin and a crossbody block. Another crossbody, and Angel catches him. Backbreaker city! A bow 'n arrow, a liontamer and relentless forearms have the boyhunk humping the mat. But a flashy, missed backspring somersault gives him an opening to try a sleeper--until Angel rams him into the turnbuckles. A tight body scissors, and Angel helps Kieran complete his strip tease, yanking his speedo off! Two straight falls, and the match is over? No! Spunky Kieran returns the favor, stripping Angel, guaranteeing more abuse: clotheslines, gutpunching, reverse bearhugs. A sleeper, ultracute Kieran's lickable bod writhing, and Angel finishes Kieran's opening number. Too hot!

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Kieran Dunne vs. Angel
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Bow and arrow

Kieran goes for a sleeper


Belly busting

Angel in America


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