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  Braden Charron vs. Jed Jamison

Braden Charron 5'8, 200

Braden shows off his peak

Braden's backbreaking chinlock

Braden's OTK back breaker

Braden's big bad bear hug

'With Friends Like These'

There's nothing the boss likes better than winding up his wrestlers and turning them loose'for the benefit of the fans of course. Take Braden and Jed, for example. They work out at the same gym and have a mutual love of wrestling. They applied for auditions at BGEast together (see Contract 8)'and, well, that experience didn't exactly turn out the way they'd planned. In fact, for the first time since they've been friends there was a little animosity beyond the usual friendly competition they generally use to push each other to work out harder.

Jed wasn't happy when he was passed over and Braden got another chance'so his ego was already a little bruised when the Boss came up with his latest inspiration. 'So, Jed, you want another shot at a BGEast contract? Okay, but you better impress me or else, you got it?' The same game he played to pump Braden up for HIS own second audition match'only this time there's a little twist'Jed has to get in the ring with his good buddy! But the Boss isn't quite finished with his set-up'there's always another angle he can find'and tells Braden his own contract isn't really secure and hinges on this match. There's always a little 'out' clause in the fine print'oh, the things the Boss will do to give the fans (and himself...) something wicked to enjoy. And, oh yeah, there was that little matter of Braden being on catalogue coverboy instead of Jed'and Braden HAS mentioned that more than once to Jed at the gym. Jed kids Braden about being a 'covergirl' but deep down that always bothered him, just the slightest bit'

That's why He's The Boss. If there's a weak spot to exploit, rest assured, VoldeLeopard will find it! Excrutio!

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Braden Charron vs. Jed Jamison
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