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  Cole Cassidy vs. Mitch Colby

Cole Cassidy, 5'8, 170

Mitch masters the headscissors

Cole grabs his ankle, goes for the kill

Cole humbled & humiliated

Mitch about to get mashed

“Baby, Remember My Name”

Mitch Colby was an practicing shoot fighter before he came to BGEast with dreams of stardom. His debut match in the gazebo against Alexi Adamov made the fans stand up and take notice, not just of his obvious skill and technique, but of his manly muscular perfection and his handsome face. With a win in his first match, he?s now hungry for more...and who better for his follow-up match - and debut in in the ring - than the tough and talented Cole Cassidy? Cole is intimidated by no one?not even by those who have a huge size advantage over him. He is convinced - and his record vindicates the claim - that he can cut anyone down to size. His motto: the more there is of you, the more there is to punish and HURT.

?So, you?re the new punk?? Cole sneers as he climbs into the ring while Mitch admires himself in the mirror. He says one thing but clearly means another: ?You don?t look like much to me? as he obviously scans Mitch, visually devouring him from head to toe. As a deliberate distraction Cole strikes a few poses of his own and show off his own ripped musculature.

Mitch, though, doesn?t intimidate easily either?and gets a little mouthy himself! Sticking out his right hand, he replies, ?I?m sorry?what did you say your name is?? But then again?is it possible Mitch really doesn?t know who he?s dealing with? A handshake?a sportsmanlike gesture? Cole treats the handshake gesture with his standard contempt and uses the opportunity to catch Mitch with a brutal attack that sends the big man reeling back into his corner! As Cole tosses the muscled stud around, it looks like Mitch will be just another Cassidy catastrophe case.

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Cole Cassidy vs. Mitch Colby
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King Cole on his Mitch throne

Exposing those ripped abs and more!

Mitch Colby 6'2, 200

Cole's figure 4 spells trouble

Grinding Mitch into the mat

Checking out the new beef

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