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  Kieran Dunne vs. Guido Tori

Kieran Dunne - 5'5, 170

Over the knee back breaker

Stretched over Guido's knee

Kieran Crushed? Tori triumphant?

Guido goes for the 1-2-3

Goldenboy Needs A Lesson

You would think all the beatings Kieran has taken over his BGE career might take some of the hot air out of his lungs?but then, you wouldn?t really know Kieran! He justifies his less-than-stellar record in a manner that is Kieran to the core: the other guys obviously cheated, because there is no other explanation that makes sense in Kieran-land. After all, the fans love him, don?t they? Is he not the handsomest, sexiest, hunkiest BGE wrestler ever? He is almost as self-enamored as Mr. Joshua - almost! And after himself, Kieran?s second biggest love is showing off his hard round butt-cheeks in the skimpy gold bikinis that have become his trademark?he?s even written GOLDENBOY on his locker with a Sharpie! After being shown the vandalism by none other than Aryx (who loves to rat out other wrestlers), The Boss just shook his head. ?Our Goldenboy needs to be taught a little respect? and I think I have just the guy!?

Guido is 100% Italian, growing up in Boston?s tough North End - same stomping ground as The Leopard himself, or 'Il Gattopardo' as he's known there. After years of street brawling, Guido's exasperated priest invited him to his boxing/wrestling program as a way to channel his aggression in a ?healthy? way?the same program which spawned the Leopard. (A wrestling priest? Who ever heard of such a thing?!) Now Guido?s a budding pro with a bright future ahead of him. He?s also hungry for a big break into the business, and The Boss held out a handful of carrots, or were they biscotti?. ?Take care of my Goldenboy,? the Boss smiled, ?and then I?ll make some calls for you.?

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Kieran Dunne vs. Guido Tori
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Guido applies a figure 4 leglock

Goldenboy's golden globes on glorious display

Guido Tori - 5'9, 200

Guido rides Kieran with a crab

Nasty choke lift to gut slam

Kieran's humiliating folding press

Cocky Kieran strikes a pose

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