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  Brad Rochelle & Justin Pierce vs. Beau Nasty & Shane Styles

Brad 6', 190 - Justin 6', 190

Brad's flying head scissors

Beau headlocks Prince Justin

Shane stretched over Brad's knee

Shady Shane cranks a hammerlock up Prince Brad's back

Two handsome princes wrestled for BGEast. They were the stuff from which fantasies are born; with smiles that lit up the arena and bodies chiseled from long hours spent in the gym. Their loyal fans loved them, and other wrestlers admired them for their dedication. Yes, there were others who envied their beauty and wanted to destroy them and lay to waste those oh-so-perfect bodies. Yet all tales must come to an end; one of them got involved in a now-infamous Contract dispute that turned him from a happy wrestler to one discovering the darker side of his own nature. But before the seasons changed, before the inevitable parting of the ways, they joined forces just once in a tag match - we've been saving for a special moment in time to release.

The gods of ancient Greece were capricious and jealous; they took dark pleasure in meting out unjust punishments on those mortals who dared, with their skill and beauty, to rival those powerful deities who made their home on Mount Olympus. During the reign of the handsome princes, two dark gods chose to come down to entertain we mere mortals with their own feats of power and beauty. But unlike the handsome princes, the beauty of these two gods masked dark deception and treachery, a desire to punish those who dared to challenge their supremacy in the ring. These two debuted in the ring against each other, and discovered a kindred spirit in the other. They earned the other's respect in their brutality and unwillingness to surrender, and knew that by teaming together, they could maximize the pleasure they experienced in the destruction of those who stood against them. They wanted nothing more than to destroy the famous handsome princes who fans worshipped as gods of the ring. They took the human names of Beau and Shane; and they worked together seamlessly as a team.

Yet the princes are equally fearless; and despite having never worked together as a team, they were more than willing to meet the dark gods in the ring!

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Team Torture 9


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Brad Rochelle & Justin Pierce vs. Beau Nasty & Shane Styles
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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Brad atomic drops Shane

Intensity supreme as Shane tries to knock out Brad with a sleeper

Beau 5'11, 180 - Shane 5'11, 185

Justin nelsons bad boy Beau

Brad dominates shady Shane

The princes practice punishing

Shane trapped in Brad's combination nelson crossed ankle locksubmission

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