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  Denny Cartier vs. Joe Robbins

Denny tries a side head lock

Who's in more trouble here?

Up by the trunks: Get up, little man!

A clothesline takes Denny off his feet

Denny Cartier mounts Big Joe Robbins with a sleeper and tries to take the big man down and OUT!

Climb Every Mountain

Denny tries his best to take the big man down, to no avail -he can't budge him - and gets a brutal forearm smash across the back for his trouble! Big Joe picks him up off the mat like he weighs nothing and then body slams him back down! "Come on!" Joe yells at his apparently broken foe before going for a full weight elbow drop. Denny has the presence of mind to get out of the way and Joe misses, shaking the entire ring. Now is Denny's chance, and he uses his quickness and speed to get in some elbow drops of his own! With the big man reeling, Denny talks some trash of his own taunting the big man - until Joe closes his big hands on his throat and easily tosses him into the corner! But Denny bounces right back!

Denny's game plan is to use speed to counter the size disadvantage and keep his opponent off-balance with brain-rattling head scissors and other lightning-fast acrobatic moves.. He launches Joe headfirst from the corner to the mat, following up with a back-busting camel. Joe, though, is determined not to submit to a lesser man, and powers out of the camel with Denny still clinging to his back! Thinking quick, Denny slaps a sleeper on the big man, and manages to keep it on as Joe roars, stumbles and tries to shake the monkey off his back. The loss of oxygen begins to take a toll, and Joe staggers down to the mat with the pesky Denny aboard - and down the big man goes! Now it's Denny's turn to pose - until the big man comes to that is! An over the knee backbreaker has Denny screaming out a submission - and the angry Joe goes after his back - again and again - until Denny Cartier's wrestling career finished. An onslaught of slams, clotheslines, a body vice backbreaker, a wedgie, a revenge sleeper and a vertebrae crunching rack leave Denny demoralized, demolished and destroyed!

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Denny Cartier vs. Joe Robbins
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Catch Weight 2 Arena Galleries

Heading for a big powerslam!

Denny Cartier barely conscious

Joe chokes Denny over the top rope

A big bone-rattling body slam!

Joe's choking vice backbreaker

Denny flexes and taunts Big Joe

Denny strapped across Big Joe's shoulders in a terrifying rack, as Joe arrogantly does squats!

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