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  Denny Cartier vs. Joe Robbins  

Denny Cartier - 5'6, 160

Collar and elbow mismatch

Denny suspended by his neck!

Big Joe's floating body scissors

Denny Cartier agonizes in Big Joe Robbin's rib-crushing bear hug

Me and My Shadow

Denny Cartier has a lot of amateur wrestling experience - and learned the hard way that kind of experience doesn't get you far in the ring, courtesy of one Bulldog Barzini. After that merciless beating, he got some ring training - and felt like he needed to prove himself to the fans -- by taking on a BIG challenge. On paper, only a sadist would think pairing off the sexy Canadian against the much-bigger Joe Robbins was a good idea. Fortunately for us, The Boss is just that kind of guy! So when Denny asked for a match with the mountainous man, The Boss was only too happy to say "go for it."

Big Joe is also amateur trained, but his passion is for the ring. His initial outing, against cocky 'no one can beat me' Dick Rick, was an exciting battle, but one could see where Denny might think he'd stand a chance. Big Joe didn't seem to have that - destroy at all costs - mentality that the Bulldog has whenever the bell rings. It's a different Big Joe who climbs through the ropes to battle Denny - stealing a page from Dick Rick's Serious Attitude Manual as he shows off his meaty muscles contemptuously to his smaller foe. "You my opponent?" Joe sneers as he flexes first one arm, then the other. "What are you waiting for?" The bell rings, and they're off! Denny quickly gets a headlock on the big man, only to be lifted bodily and draped over the turnbuckle!

This isn't going to be pretty! Denny is game for the challenge, matching power with the towering monster and even punishing him with a banana legsplit, jumping on his back for a sleeper and cranking a wicked camel clutch. But Joe's mighty bearhug, rack, full nelson, suspended choke and signature floating body scissors take their toll on brave Denny.

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Denny Cartier vs. Joe Robbins
30 minutes
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Denny mounts Joe for a sleeper

Big Joe's massive pecs stretched to the max in Denny's neck-crunching camel clutch submission

Big Joe Robbins - 6'2, 240

Excruciating full nelson

Crotch-ripping banana split

Joe's punishing powerful rack

Sweaty muscle monster Joe Robbins poses over a fallen Denny Cartier

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