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  Brook Stetson vs. Skrapper

Boned Brook Stetson - 5'11, 240

Bear hugs and hand prints...

Brook toys with young Skrapper

250 lbs trampling Skrapper!

Feisty Skrapper gets yanked up with an atomic wedgie by the big hairy chested bruiser Brook Stetson

David v. Goliath - the Rematch

No two BG East wrestlers have travelled the same path. Some email applications with pictures, others are discovered by The Boss' scouts - and some The Boss just 'finds' for himself. Skrapper is one of the lattter. On one of his many scouting trips, The Boss came across Skrapper in a parking lot - fighting off three guys and holding his own! After The Boss intervened with his hand-carved antique Grover Cleveland walking stick and chased the bullies off, he was rewarded by Skrapper saying, "What was that about? I didn't need your help." Impressed by the scrappy youngster's ability and attitude, he immediately offered him a spot on the BG East roster. "Yeah, sure." Skrapper replied. "But I want challenges. I don't want to fight someone my size. I want a big guy, the biggest one you got!"

"I've got just the guy," The Boss replied with a smile that would have chilled the heart of anyone who knows him well. "The guy" was none other than Brook Stetson - a Goliath of a wrestler with over 240 pounds of solid muscle packed on stocky frame and an experienced shoot fighter. Brook had already mauled two of the most experienced matgrapplers in The Boss' stable - Tony Vencini and Marco Guerra. Despite his strength and skill - his cockiness is different than most others - he just laughs at his hapless foes! Big Brook, though, never underestimates an opponent. Smaller guys have beaten bigger guys before - and Brook hates to lose. When he wrestles, he turns off everything emotional and becomes a cold-blooded wrestling machine. He is going to be a real test of Skrapper's heart and skill...

And test big Brook young Skrapper does! The wiry youngster wraps his legs and arms around the big man in any way he can - scissors, headlock, waist. he even manages to crank a submission out of the big dude - which does not sit well with King Kong. Brook's bearhug, arm bar, wedgies, pins and punishments trample the scrappy challenger into the mat!

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Brook Stetson vs. Skrapper
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Intensely arched camel clutch applied by an almost 100 pound heavier man

Brook carries, Skrapper grabs!

Skrapper - 5'10, 150

Skrapper pounds, scissors the man

Who's gonna give first?

Reverse folding press plus...

A bare foot on the face establishes bruiser Brook Stetson's crushing demolition of young Skrapper

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